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The Best Volvo Models


Volvo is a renowned Swedish manufacturer that made their bet on safety. Not a single company before them had managed to do so. Their cars have gifted many different safety technologies to the industry. The three-point safety belt we all have become accustomed to is also their invention. This automaker just celebrated its 95th anniversary this spring, so we’re listing the best Volvo models of all time in this blog post.

Volvo C30 T5

best volvo

The designers of the C30 find inspiration in the beautiful Volvo 1800 from the 1960s. Marketologists named the C30 a sports coupe, but it was more of a hatchback. Car and Driver dared to call it the best-looking Volvo ever. Styling cues like the glass trunk lid and a waterfall-styled central console were the most notable features of the Volvo C30.

What makes it one of the best Volvo models? T5 versions had five-pot motors derived from the European Ford Focus ST and RS. Its exhaust note could make you happy in a blink of an eye. Moreover, the cross-compatibility of parts since Ford’s acquisition of the brand and heavy aftermarket support accounted for ample space for tuning projects.

Volvo S60

best volvo

You might have expected the emergence of other Volvo sedans (we mean these rectangular older models), but the Volvo S60 deserves mentioning. These sedans are slotted below the luxurious S80/S90. All generations of this Volvo offer a cushioned ride, impeccable quality, and reliability. Newer models feature unconventional designs and have many different driver aids. However, the newer models lack the sportiness of rivals like the BMW 5 Series. Don’t forget that the S60 is oriented toward buyers who want to enjoy the vehicle’s comfort but not its agility.

Volvo C70

best volvo

Speaking about the best Volvo models, it’s impossible to leave out the C70. Indeed, it wasn’t the first manufacturer’s attempt to make a convertible, but it turned out to be the most successful. While the first generation was available as a coupe or a sedan, the second combined the best of two worlds. Interestingly, the Swedish company organized a joint venture with the well-known Pininfarina to build this coupe-convertible. That brave partnership emerged because of the necessity to create a complex three-sectional roof developed with Webasto. All in all, the Volvo C70 became one of the safest convertibles ever made.

Volvo V90

best volvo

Although this body type isn’t a common sight anymore, the people from Volvo always know many tricks in making incredible station wagons. They’ve had many years of experience, and the V90 exudes its character through refinement. A well-thought-out in every part, the V90 is a plush, comfortable wagon with advanced safety technology. More rugged versions with plastic cladding are called the V90 Cross Country. They split the difference between the SUVs and passenger wagons, winning buyers over due to the massive trunk space, serene ride, and stunning looks. It’s a shame that the V90 and its plug-in iterations were dropped from the 2022 model year onward.

Volvo XC90

best volvo

The XC90 is the best Volvo SUV that redefined the popularity of this brand. In fact, this model kicked off the new era when Volvo stopped being associated with stodgy and dull cars. It’s a classy and elegant luxury full-size SUV. A plug-in hybrid powertrain can make it extremely quick, while numerous safety systems will account for your stability on the road.

Final Word

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