What is MV – 907A Certificate?


If you already searched for a salvage car on Salvagebid, you know that this auction provides a lot of information about vehicles, their titles, terms of selling, and more. Often you’ll find vehicles listed with MV – 907A, and that can be a little confusing. 

Generally, MV-907A is a salvage certificate issued in New York. In this article, you’ll find out exactly what that is and how you can work with it. 

What is a salvage vehicle in New York?

By US law in New York, a salvage vehicle can be denoted as follows:

  • A vehicle in which the repair costs makes up more than  75% of its pre-damage retail value 
  • A Vehicle given a salvage title in another state and was later transported to New York
  • Was declared a “wreck” by its owner at the moment of sale or transfer
  • A vehicle acquired by an insurance company because of serious damage (collision, flood, theft, etc.) with the MV-907A salvage certificate.

So, MV-907A is a common salvage certificate issued by the New York DMV. It’s not a title though, just a certificate. 

Who can bid on a vehicle titled MV-907A?

Since MV-907A is a typical salvage certificate, the majority of buyers can bid on those vehicles. These are dealers, exporters, dismantlers, scrappers, and companies that modernize vehicles. 

However, some vehicles with MV-907A can’t be purchased by dealers. Those vehicles are marked as “Parts Only” and are available only to scrappers and dismantlers who have a special dismantle license.

On Salvagebid, however, anyone can bid on salvage vehicles without a dealer’s license. 

Do vehicles with MV-907A need to be re-registered?

If you’re planning to rebuild a vehicle and use it on the road, it should be examined by the DMV and get a new title. Vehicles that are 8 years old or newer will get a ‘Rebuilt Salvage: NY’ title certificate.

The DMV examination is a part of the NY State Auto Theft Prevention Program that includes vehicles issued the MV-907A certificate and rebuilt salvage vehicles from other states.

Please, note that DMV won’t issue a title for vehicles that have out-of-state title certificate or those labeled “parts only”, “non-rebuildable”, “non-repairable”, “scrapped”, and “destroyed”.

Buy safely on Salvagebid

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