Won a Salvage Car? Here’s What You Need to Export It


Winning a vehicle form a salvage car auction is exciting. If you live outside the USA, the next important step is picking up your new car from the auction yard and delivering it to your country.

There are some extra steps to export your vehicle outside the US, and Salvagebid can help. In this article, you’ll find out how to export your vehicle successfully and avoid delays and additional fees. 

Check the documents

After you win a vehicle through Salvagebid, you’ll need to sign the sales papers, such as the Bill of Sale. You can find them in your Salvagebid account, sign them online, and send them back to us. Then, you can pay the vehicle invoice in full together with all the associated auction charges.  

Note that you need to do that no later than by the end of the next business day following the sale date. Otherwise, a late payment fee will be charged for every day that the payment is late.

Arrange a pickup

When all payments are completed, you can arrange the vehicle’s pick up from the auction yard. We’ll send you an email notification that confirms that your vehicle is ready for pick up. The email contains detailed pick up instructions as well as the following information: the physical address of the auction yard, its hours of operation, and your pickup authorization. 

Remember that you have 3 business days, including the sale date, to do that. Otherwise, auction facilities will charge a storage fee for every day that the vehicle remains in the yard. Usually, it’s about $40 per day, so arrange shipping as quickly as possible to avoid any additional storage fees.

Since international buyers don’t have the opportunity to pick up a vehicle on their own, we recommend contacting a reliable shipping company. We recommend EasyHaul because they not only can pick up your vehicle, but can also deliver it anywhere in the world.

Order shipping

You can order shipping from our partner, EasyHaul.com, that specializes in domestic and international vehicle shipping. If you want to know how much the shipping will cost, use their online shipping calculator and get a guaranteed shipping quote before placing an order. 

Keep in mind that the shipping quote may vary depending on your vehicle’s dimensions, weight, and destination. 

Prepare unloading equipment

When a salvage vehicle arrives at its destination, it needs to be unloaded from the carrier. Unfortunately, shipping companies don’t usually offer unloading equipment, so you should take care of it yourself. 

Unloading a drivable car is easy, as it can roll off the carrier under its power. However, if you purchase a vehicle that won’t start, doesn’t roll, or doesn’t have wheels at all, you need to prepare specific unloading equipment. And make sure to order delivery to a garage or a workshop, and not to your door, to avoid having to move the vehicle again.

If you want to know how to unload non-drivable vehicles properly, read this article

Buy with Salvagebid

Exporting a salvage car by yourself can be a challenging task. However, Salvagebid is always ready to help. If you have any questions about picking up and shipping your vehicle, please contact our support office at support@salvagebid.com. Ship fast and safe!

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