How to Unload a Non-Drivable Salvage Vehicle


If you’re familiar with online auto auctions like Salvagebid, you might have seen many cars that look good but don’t drive. They often have an attractive price because of this disadvantage, and you may consider placing a bid. It’s important to consider their ease of transportation first. 

When a salvage car that you bought from an auction arrives at its destination, it needs to be unloaded from the carrier. Usually, shipping companies don’t offer unloading equipment for your vehicle, so it’s entirely your responsibility to take care of it. 

In this article, we’ll review the means of unloading a non-drivable vehicle so you can choose the proper equipment according to its condition and won’t lose time and money.

Cars that roll but won’t start

If you already browsed through vehicles on Salvagebid, you’ve noticed some listed as “Won’t start.” This is a vehicle start code, and it means that a car can’t start at all because of mechanical or electrical issues

You can unload a vehicle that falls under this category with the help of a winch. Just connect the winch itself to a carrier and tie its cable to your vehicle. Depending on the type of winch you choose, you can control the cable by using an electronic control pad or manipulating a lever. 

Cars that don’t roll

Some salvage cars may not be able to move under their power. In these cases, you’ll need a towing device that can remove your vehicle from the carrier on its own. 

Good news: a dolly can assist you. This simple device goes under non-rollable tires and allows you to move a vehicle that can’t roll by itself. A dolly is pretty insecure though, and you can damage the car during unloading. 

Cars without wheels

If you’re about to buy a salvage vehicle with no wheels, we recommend researching the cost of renting a forklift. 

This piece of industrial equipment is used to load and unload vehicles with the help of its loaders. You need to place your car on those loaders and control them by manipulating the levers. Then lower it down until it reaches the pavement.  

We recommend entrusting the unloading to an experienced operator, as forklifts are considered to be unstable, and you don’t want to damage a vehicle you have just purchased. 

Final words

If you want to minimize difficulties related to transporting a car and reduce the shipping costs, we recommend contacting a reliable vehicle shipping company. Our partners at EasyHaul will help you to ship all kinds of salvage vehicles to anywhere around the world. And if you have questions concerning bidding on and buying salvage cars on Salvagebid, contact our customer service team at They will gladly assist you.

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