The Difference Between Preliminary Bidding and Live Auction on Salvagebid


Buying salvage vehicles online is a common practice for many people, as online auto auctions allow them to buy inexpensive cars in good condition. However, to bid successfully, outbid other users, and win a vehicle, you need to know how car auctions work. 

On Salvagebid, you can place preliminary bids, participate in live auctions, and in some cases, buy salvage cars immediately. If you want to know the difference between all these bidding options, read this article. 

Placing a bid

To start bidding on, you need to register and verify your account  You’ll need to make a security deposit that guarantees your intention to complete your purchase through our auction. 

The amount of vehicles you can bid on is determined by your bidding limit and your membership type. For example, Basic Members can bid on one vehicle, while Premium Members can bid on multiple vehicles. If you want to know more about Salvagebid membership types please read this article

Bidding options


This is the bidding period that precedes the live auction. Pre-bidding is available to all buyers registered at and it means they can start placing their bids before the auction actually starts. If you place the highest bid during pre-bidding, Salvagebid will represent you during the live auction if you have a free Basic membership. However, if you are a Premium member, you can bid directly during the live auction. 

Live Auction

Bidders can take part in the live auction as soon as the pre-bidding period ends. That means they’ll bid against each other in real-time to win a vehicle. In order to win, your bid should be the highest and, in certain cases, will need the seller’s approval before it’s awarded. Live Auctions are available only for Salvagebid Premium members.

Buy it now

Some vehicles listed for sale on Salvagebid are available for immediate purchase before the auction starts. They are labeled as “Buy it now”, and you can also see their price directly on the vehicle’s page. If you’re ready to pay that price right away, you can buy that vehicle online and avoid bidding. Please note that auction fees are not included in the “Buy It Now” price.

Bid on Salvagebid

Every buyer signed up with Salvagebid can find the best way to purchase a salvage vehicle through an online auto auction, no dealer license required. If you have any questions about bidding, please contact our support team at, they’re always happy to assist you. Place bids and win cars on Salvagebid! 

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