Industrial Equipment Auctions: Construction Industry


The salvage industrial equipment market is growing in leaps and bounds. Various industries, such as agriculture, and construction, benefit a great deal from industrial equipment auctions held online. The purchase and sale of salvage industrial equipments online provides convenience and access to global markets, a wide selection of equipment and spares, as well as monetary savings. In this post, we take a look at some of the different used equipment for the construction industry that is available at auctions offering salvage industrial equipment for sale.

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An excavator is heavy-duty construction equipment used for tasks such as digging trenches, material handling, landscaping, snow removal, and forestry use. They use attachments like breakers and grapples depending on the task at hand. The attachments can be refurbished and used again. Some of the top excavator manufacturing brands are Bob Cat, Caterpillar and L & T. Salvagebid gives you access to a range of excavators and excavator OEM parts at affordable prices.


Also called lift trucks or forktrucks, forklifts are used to lift and haul heavy objects over short distances. They come with a range of accessories like side shifter, rotator, fork positioner, pole attachments, telescopic forks, and scales. It is possible to add, replace, or reuse these.. Top manufacturers include Toyota industries, KION group, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Corporation. Salvagebid offers many forklift truck makes and models, as well as parts.

Track Loaders

An engineering vehicle designed for digging, carrying, and loading materials. The machines are jacks of many tasks and masters of none, which is the source of their unique employability. They exploit hydrostatic transmissions and electro hydraulic controls for efficient work. A track loader consists of a tracked chassis and a loader, and both appurtenances can be found at salvage yards. Caterpillar and Liebherr are the top manufacturers of track loaders. Browse through available track loaders and parts online today.


A crane is a hydraulic machine used to lift and lower heavy materials. Primarily used in the construction industry to move materials, a crane comes equipped with hoist ropes, chains, and suspension wires. Cranes can be fixed or moving, and they come in different sizes, from mini jib cranes to large floating cranes. They have a plethora of attachments like pallet forks, man baskets, scoops, and spreader bars. The attachments are available online at our industrial equipment salvage auctions. Top crane manufacturers include Caterpillar and JCB.

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There are many construction industry vehicles and accessories that you can buy online at heavily discounted prices. It’s important to know your needs to bid on the right equipment. If you are looking for industrial vehicles or attachments, talk to Salvagebid today. Be sure to browse through available industrial equipment inventory and register to start bidding. To get answers to all your questions, call us at +1 (360) 347-1300.

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