How You Can Be Cheated at a Car Repair Shop

How You Can Be Cheated at Car Repair Shops


Automobile maintenance plays a vital role in keeping a vehicle in a well-running technical state. As a rule, car repair shops are the facilities that solve any vehicle issues quickly and with high quality. You can find those that have received no complaints from clients and perform their work properly by reading reviews. However, there are also those that create new problems when repairing the car in effort to keep you returning as their customer for as long as possible.

The list of so-called “necessary” work from car repair shops is actually quite simple and short. At the same time, the complexity of modern automobiles expands the field of fraud possibilities for extra income that comes out of your pocket. That is why all drivers should pay close attention to details that reveal what makes a professional and well-functioning repair shop.

We at Salvagebid are ready to share the most popular details and tricks that car repair shop specialists use to cheat a driver and receive as much money as possible for their work. Read further to be aware and educated!

Before You Leave Your Car at a Repair Shop

Before You Leave Your Car at a Repair Shop

It is always worth talking to the auto mechanics prior to the work agreement. In order for your conversation to be more confident and fact-based, first familiarize yourself with the price list and the standard hourly rate valid at the repair shop. As a rule, this information is posted for public access near the order desk. Thus, knowing the type of work you need makes it possible to immediately calculate the number of standard hours required for it and the cost of the repair.

When talking to the repair shop specialists, show interest in all the details and clear up any questions you might have. Then dishonest and fraudulent auto mechanics will be afraid to answer you.

After the work is done, take the order document with you. It should be a guarantee for the repair and valid evidence of what was done to the car, what parts were installed on it, and what materials were used.

Point #1: Using Much Cheaper Spare Parts and Details

Using Much Cheaper Spare Parts and Details

The vehicle owner pays not only for the work auto mechanics at a repair shop perform. Drivers must also pay for the necessary spare parts that will be used during the repair process. Unfortunately, there are situations when specialists install parts that are much cheaper and worse in quality compared to those that you have paid for.

To avoid this, experts advise that you attend during the work. Of course, this is not very convenient, so try to take your car to a repair shop that you trust. In fact, this applies to all the cases described here.

Point #2: Performing Extra Repairs That Were Not Previously Discussed

Performing Extra Repairs That Were Not Previously Discussed

A popular way of cheating at workshops is to assign repair that was not initially discussed. Very often, car owners find themselves in a situation where they come to pick up the vehicle, and the bill is more than it should have been. The specialist explains it as if your car had a rusted bolt that needed to be removed, and they spent an extra hour on it.

In such situations, ask why they did not call you and arrange this extra work if they wanted to get your money for it. Thus, the lack of a prior agreement, at least by telephone, may be the basis for your refusal to pay for the auto mechanic’s additional working hours.

Point #3: Unnecessary Replacement of a Car Component

Unnecessary Replacement of a Car Component

Unscrupulous workshop specialists can quickly come up with a repair that, according to their expertise, needs to be done for your car. The main thing for them is to find even the most insignificant external signs of complete damage.

For example, the owner of the car can be frightened by traces of any technical fluid and be told that it is necessary to immediately replace the entire unit. However, it is enough to change, for example, a car rubber ring, a cardboard gasket on the steering mechanism cover, or tighten the stopper on the brake fluid reservoir.

If you receive an offer to completely replace any car system instead of a few parts or consumables, don’t immediately agree. Ask the auto mechanic what other possible repair options are available, or even tell them directly that you will go to other car repair shops to confirm the issue and its solution.

Summing Up

Knowing some of the most common fraud schemes used by auto mechanics when repairing a car is very useful information for both new and experienced drivers. Vehicle owners are prone to cheating if they do not clarify all the details concerning the mechanics’ work before leaving their vehicles. To avoid this, it is better to find a trusted and reliable auto repair shop where your friends, family members, or colleagues have already been and are happy with the service.

We at Salvagebid don’t only provide useful tips and recommendations but can also offer you affordable vehicles with minor damage. Thus, it is possible to find auction lots in great technical condition. All you need to do is register on our website by providing some basic information. You can also use your Facebook or Google accounts. We also invite you to contact us if you have any questions concerning online auto auctions.  To reach our team of professionals, call: +1 (360) 347-1300 from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday, or email

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