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5 Notable Attributes of Hybrid Cars


Though introduced in the late 90s, hybrid cars are finally making waves in the mainstream market. They are increasingly becoming popular because of the benefits they have for the owner and the environment. With ever increasing pollution, hybrid technology is a great step to curb the ill-effects of car emissions. Governments in many countries are funding further research for hybrid cars that can lower the carbon footprint and create an environmentally friendly breed of vehicle. If you are planning to switch to hybrid cars, you can find incredible deals on salvage cars sale at Salvagebid. Here are five notable facts you need to know about hybrid cars.

Tax Waiver

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 created incentives for lower emission vehicles. As hybrid cars are more environment friendly and fuel efficient than traditional gas powered cars, the US government offers a tax write off to the buyers to encourage the use of hybrid cars. The tax rebate varies from state to state. For example, in California, taxpayers can receive $2500 through the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, whereas in Arizona, hybrid cars entail reduced licensing fees. In some states, the rebate is as high as $5000.

Lower Depreciation

Thanks to a much higher fuel efficiency, which results in a lower ownership cost, hybrid cars generally have a lower depreciation rate compared to gas-powered models. This increases the interest of buyers in hybrid cars even if they are looking to buy a used car. Another reason for lower value-depreciation of cars is the increasing interest of buyers in environment-friendly and more sustainable technologies.

Comfort and Ease of Driving

Hybrid cars are incredibly quiet, and have lower vibration and cabin noise, offering a more comfortable driving experience. On a highway, the handling of a hybrid car is the same as a gas powered car, however, in dense traffic, the engine of a hybrid car shuts down and they run on batteries. The transition between gas and battery is seamless in newer generation hybrids.


While a hybrid car generally costs 15 to 20 percent more than a similar gas powered model, in the long run, you can expect to save significantly on fuel costs. A recent study by the Chicago Tribune suggests that if you own a hybrid car for 5 years and use it for 15000 miles during the period, you can expect to save in upwards of $3000.

Environmental Impact

Hybrid cars have lower emissions than gas-powered cars and, thanks to higher fuel efficiency, have a much lower environmental impact. A hybrid car typically delivers anywhere between 48 to 60 mpg which is 20 to 35 percent higher than gas powered cars. Hybrid cars use degenerative charging which means when you apply brakes, some of the power from the engine is transferred back to the battery.

Final Words

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