Making Your First Purchase With SalvageBid


You’ve decided to buy a salvage car, researched your options, and, finally, found There are so many used vehicles available on the site, a lot of live auctions open, and so many menu buttons. Where do you start?  

Good news, making your first purchase on SalvageBid is pretty easy, and you can get your desired vehicle as quickly as just a few days.

To clarify the process of bidding and purchasing on our website, we created a guide on becoming a SalvageBid member and buying your first vehicle. Just follow the simple steps described below and soon you’ll become the happy owner of a vehicle from

Sign up

This is necessary to place a bid and buy a vehicle. You can browse the entire inventory when logged in as a guest, but to do anything else you’ll need to create an account.

You can fill in the registration form with your personal details, including your first and last name, phone number, email, etc. If, for any reason, you can’t or don’t want to enter your information manually, you can sign up through your Facebook or Google accounts. 

Just a couple of clicks and you’re a member. Make sure your email address is valid, as you’re going to receive important updates concerning your order status and auction-related news.

Choose a membership 

There are Basic and Premium membership types available.

With a Basic membership, you can sign up for free and purchase one vehicle. You can place bids during pre-bidding only. To participate in the live auction, you’ll need a Premium membership. 

Our Premium membership is an annual subscription that opens many more possibilities for you. Premium members can buy an unlimited number of vehicles using both pre-bidding and by participating in live auctions. If you decide to choose this membership, please note that it is renewed automatically by default, unless you cancel the renewal.

Secure your account

Before any financial transactions are made, you’ll need to secure your account by providing SalvageBid with a document confirming your identity. This can be a copy of your government issued ID, passport, or driver’s license. 

SalvageBid offers trustworthy services in exchange for your responsibility as an auction participant. For this reason, you’ll be asked to place a security deposit before submitting a bid. The deposit is completely refundable and can be kept by the system only if you refuse to pay for a vehicle won from an auction.

Place your bid

You can start bidding by placing a preliminary bid prior to the live auction. All bidders set their maximum bids and the highest bid placed will be represented by SalvageBid at the live auction. 

If you see a vehicle marked with “Buy It Now,” you can buy a vehicle for a specific price set by a seller before it goes to the live auction. In this case, you’ll need to confirm the purchase, and you will be transferred to the payment page. 

Pay for a vehicle

SalvageBid needs to process all payments for won vehicles by the end of the next business day after the sale to avoid late fees. When you win an auction, you will automatically receive an invoice which you can pay by bank wire transfer. 

SalvageBid’s fees are $250 or 5% of the purchase price (whichever is greater), and a documentation fee as well. Each auction has its own associated fees. Each vehicle listing has a fee calculator that you can use to calculate your final price at your maximum bid.

Order shipping

When all payments are made in full, it’s time to place your shipping order. We recommend shipping with, a trusted vehicle shipping service. Every vehicle listing has a shipping calculator where you can get an instant quote.

Vehicles shipped domestically are loaded onto trucks, but international customers will typically ship their vehicles by boat. 

Make sure your phone number entered correctly so that the driver who delivers your vehicle can contact you before the delivery.

Pick-up and delivery

To have your vehicle picked up, all fees with Salvagebid must be paid, and all documents must be signed. We strongly recommend taking care of all payments as soon as possible and booking shipping right away. Yards begin charging storage fees 3 business days starting on the sale date.

As soon your vehicle arrives at the destination point, you’ll get a notification from SalvageBid. 

Purchasing with SalvageBid is easy

To sum up, there’s nothing complicated when buying a salvage car online. Nevertheless, you should be attentive when filling in all the documents and be pretty quick during a live auction. The rest is up to SalvageBid

So, don’t hesitate to sign up with us and buy your first salvage car. 

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