4 Essential Safety Tips for Fall Driving


As Daylight Savings Time ends, the days get shorter and drivers start their commutes home in the dark again. According to the National Safety Council, 50 percent of traffic deaths occur at night, despite the fact that nighttime driving accounts for only a quarter of all driving. As it gets darker earlier and we move into rainy weather, the roads become slippery and visibility is compromised. 

If you recently purchased a salvage car from Salvagebid, we recommend these maintenance tips to stay safe on the road this fall. 

Perform a seasonal inspection 

When buying a salvage car it’s important to consider that it may require maintenance and repairs before you get going. So, inspect your car and make sure it’s road-ready by doing the following:

  • Make sure that the battery is in good condition so you don’t get stranded
  • Check the tire pressure 
  • Clean the headlights, mirrors, and windows 
  • Inspect the demister and windshield wipers
  • Make sure you have a stocked emergency safety kit in your car

These are standard things you should check, but they play a bigger role in safety when the weather turns for the worse. 

Tend to your tires

The Utah Safety Council states that tires lose about 1-2 pounds of pressure every time the temperature drops 10 degrees. This can result in poor handling and performance and increases your risk of getting into an accident. Extremely low tires can even cause a blowout. 

When you drive on a wet or slippery surface, your car needs more distance to come to a stop. The last thing you want is to brake late and veer off the road into a ditch, but you can avoid that by making sure the tires are fully inflated for better traction and handling.

Adjust for darkness 

Before getting into your car and hitting the gas, you should wait a few minutes and let your eyes adjust. Also, make sure that your car’s headlights work correctly. Don’t ever use your high beams in fog, it’ll further reduce visibility.

Be prepared for inclement weather 

Driving across a wet and slippery surface can hinder your car’s traction and ability to turn smoothly, so adjust your driving accordingly. 

Slow down if you find yourself in a rainstorm, even if you’re in a hurry. Remember that the risk of an accident isn’t worth the possibility of shaving a few minutes off of your commute. Avoid driving through flooded areas as high water can damage your car’s components. 

Fog can be a severe hazard. If you can’t avoid driving through heavy fog, consider the following precautions. Slow down and set your headlights to low beam or fog lights as soon your visibility drops below 300 feet. This way you’ll avoid the ‘white wall’ effect and minimize the risk of running into something that’s shrouded by the fog. Use your brake lights to warn drivers behind you that you’re slowing down. 

Final words

There are a lot of luxury salvage cars that are run and drive verified that you can purchase on Salvagebid for cheap. However, we recommend spending the money you save on the inspection and repair of your car. Safety is above all when it comes to driving, so stay safe with Salvagebid and enjoy your road trip, whatever the weather.

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