Why The Toyota Corolla Is So Popular


The first Toyota Corolla was introduced back in 1966 in Tokyo, Japan. Since then this iconic Toyota Sedan has taken the market by storm. The series has a total of twelve generations, with each generation surprising their customers with new impressive features. Now what makes the Corolla standout amongst its sedan competitors, and what is behind the success of this car series? Let’s break it down.

Car Safety

Since the first generation of the Toyota Corolla, this car series has been known to be much safer when compared to most of its competitors. The Corolla has close to no competition in its crash test evaluations since the beginning of the 21st century.

Simple Interior

With each year that goes by car designers seem to think its a good idea to make the design of car control panels look like the inside of a space shuttle. Unlike other companies, Toyota likes to keep its Corollas simple when it comes to interior design. These cars have a minimalistic approach when it comes to design, which in the end results in a very user-friendly tech layout in the vehicle.


Toyota Corollas are well known for being extremely reliable vehicles on the road. The company does an excellent job at manufacturing their vehicles and has had close to no recalls or reported problems on their Corolla series. Besides being reliable, the vehicle is fairly affordable to maintain.

Fuel Economy

If you have a Toyota Corolla, you are saving hefty amounts of money on gas in the long run. Over the decades this series of sedans has been consistently providing fuel efficient vehicles for drivers worldwide. Do you want to buy one? Check available on Salvagebid.

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