Why Drive an SUV and Not Any Other Car?


Adventure begins where the road ends.


For some people, SUVs are nothing short of devils on wheels. According to them, the downsides of this vehicle include a large metal body blocking the view of other motorists, poor fuel economy, and notoriety for rollovers at high speed. Reasons like these often dissuade many people from buying this car. However, SUVs also present many positive sides to which only responsible drivers are privy. Let’s figure out some of the top reasons to buy an SUV over any other car.

Made for Large Families

Only a large family knows what it feels like to cram in a small car while on a trip. In such a situation, a large vehicle such as SUVs present an alternative solution. They are spacious and comfortable. They can accommodate a big family and still leave room for luggage and other items. So, if you come across a new or used SUV for sale by owner, buy it for your family, if not for yourself.

Safer Than Before

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reported that SUVs and crossovers are now safer than ever. This is when we compare them to vehicles of similar body type and weight. Recent data on fatality involving cars and pickups showed over 50 driver deaths per million while SUVs accounted for only 28 driver deaths per million. Present models of SUVs are loaded with several foolproof safety features to ensure safety of driver and passengers.

Designed for All Weather Conditions

SUVs can plough through any obstacles on the road precipitated by bad weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, and hailstorm. They possess a matchless agility to navigate inclement weather on-road or off-road while other cars struggle to remain stable and make a steady headway. There’s an extra level of grip and control in SUVs to overcome these hurdles along the way.

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