What Salvagebid Gives that You Can’t Get Yourself


Gain Access to Exclusive Auctions

To participate in many of the auctions with Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA) you have to cross high barriers of entry. The main barrier is that they require you to have a dealer’s license. And you would need multiple licenses if you wanted to have access to auctions in all states. At Salvagebid we have licenses that allow you to participate in all fifty states. This gives you access to the best selection without taking the time, effort and money to get access to all these. Once you become a Salvagebid member it’s like you’re a nationwide dealer with none of the hassle. That would be almost impossibly difficult if you were to attempt that on you own—as a Salvagebid member you gain immediate access to every auction.

We Work For You

Our goal is to make the car buying process as easy as possible for you, and will help you through every step of the way. Salvagebid’s intuitive website gives you all the information available for the auction yard for every vehicle. Our helpful customer support team is happy to help you access the information that you need so you can make sure the car you’re interested in is right for you. We keep our prices the lowest in the industry to help you get the best deal that you can.

A Working Relationship

Salvagebid has helped thousands of people win cars at IAA auctions. We bring years of experience and understand not only the process, but all the tips to help you get the best prices with the least amount of effort. We use our relationship and history with Insurance Auto Auctions to make sure that you find what you’re looking for. Salvagebid’s goal is for you to succeed and get the car you want.

Take advantage of all these benefits and create your account today at Salvagebid.

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