Valuable Information a Vehicle History Report Gives You


When you’re in the market for a used or salvage car from, it is important to do as much research as you can before buying. An important step of the research process is to get a vehicle history report, which will give you all the information you need to make the right decision. Here are some of the things you can expect to find in a vehicle history report.

Insurance Records

Learn if an insurance company has previously declared the vehicle a total loss. If so, you will want to make sure it was later rebranded as a rebuilt or salvage car. This will also give you an indication if the vehicle has been involved in any accidents that may result in costly repairs down the line.

Title History

Along with the insurance history, it’s important to know if a car has been slapped with a branding that may make it difficult to register in your state. A vehicle history report will let you know if it is a clear or salvage item, if it has ever been rebuilt, vandalized, or encountered any particular types of damage, along with any other sort of branding. After learning the branding of a car, contact your local DMV to find out what it will take to register this car, before making your purchase.

Lien Information

Discover if any banks or insurance companies hold a lien on a car before buying it. A lien indicates if there is any outstanding loan against the car. If there is, it means the lien holder owns the car until the lien/loan is paid off. So make sure you’re aware of any liens before making a purchase. This will also impact you if you’re looking to export a vehicle out of the US, as many countries will not allow you to import items with a lien.

This information, and much more, is available on a vehicle history report and will help you make the right decision when purchasing a car from Salvagebid!

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