Types Of Car Titles Sold On SalvageBid


SalvageBid.com is a premium marketplace of salvaged cars that allows you to bid and buy vehicles directly from Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA). With the services that are offered by SalvageBid.com, car fanatics worldwide are given access to purchase salvaged vehicles from US online auctions. The concept of purchasing vehicles from such auctions is fairly common for buyers from the United States, but for customers abroad is still a fairly new concept. In this blog post, we will be explaining the different types of car titles that are sold on SalvageBid.com.

When purchasing a vehicle from a salvage online auctions, you should always take into consideration the title status that the vehicle has. The title status may give you a bigger picture on the condition of the vehicle and everything it has been through over the years.

Clear Title

The car has never taken part in any accidents and has never been through any sort of reconstruction. Cars with such a title are either brand new or may have minor dents and scratches.

Salvaged Title

On online salvaged websites, in most cases, the vehicles that are on sale have a salvage title. Vehicles with such a title have gone through one or multiple of the following events:

  • Theft
  • Major Damage
  • Major Repairs

Rebuilt Title

Such a title is given to vehicles that have been drastically rebuilt/reconstructed by an insurance company or body shop, or any other licensed rebuilder. Note that if you purchase such a vehicle for use within the United States, it will be allowed for road use, but will undergo an inspection to verify that it is road worthy.

Junk Title

A vehicle with a junk title is a vehicle that has previously been sold to a junkyard to be scrapped or parted out. This type of title is permanent for a vehicle, and under no circumstances can be removed.

On SalvageBid.com you will without a doubt find a vehicle that will be of interest to you. Feel free to check out our website and get in contact with our customer support team if you have any questions on how to place your first preliminary bid or take part in a live auction.

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