Truck or Treat: The Best Salvage Cars for Your Halloween Party


Halloween is here, so you need to get everything prepared, even your car. If you’re looking for a vehicle that will complement your Halloween costume, Salvagebid has a couple of creepy ideas for you. 

Classic cars are the best ones for themed occasions like Halloween. So, here’s a list of the best salvage cars to complete your look. 

Pumpkin mobile

The Volkswagen Beetle is a perfect candidate for this role, and here’s why. It’s compact, rounded, and easy to decorate. You can paint it orange, set bright neon lights inside, and your pumpkin mobile is ready. 

You can find a variety of Beetles offered by Salvagebid right here.

Witch shop

Thinking about dressing up in a witch costume and need some space for your magic stuff? Buy a salvage Model T and transform it into your witch shop. Decorate the car with a dark ragged cloth and put magic accessories inside, like a crystal ball, herbal potions, a big pot, and secret potion ingredients. And don’t forget a bucket of colorful candies and chocolates.

Devil car

Did you know those classic muscle cars were often called the Devil’s cars? That’s because they want to kill every time you drive it (unless you’re a Ghost Rider or at least Michael Schumacher). 

Indeed, when you look at this 1966 Pontiac GTO, it seems you’re staring straight into the eye of Devil. o decoration needed for this car – just set red lights, make them flash, and turn on the “Hells Bells”. 

If you haven’t yet found a car that suits your Devil costume, check these Pontiacs on Salvagebid. 

Dracula carriage

What’s Halloween without the most creepy vampire of all times, Count Dracula? And what’s Dracula without a stylish carriage? Already blood-red, this Chevy Corvette Stingray will take you on an exciting midnight hunt for prey. No special vampiric abilities are needed. And if you’re a vegan-vampire, just enjoy the perfect look of this car or check out more Corvettes on Salvagebid.

Frankenstein sedan

Meet the scarily perfect Citroen 2CV, your Frankenstein car for this Halloween. It’s green and shiny, just like the skin of a big healthy monster. All that’s lacking is a couple of bolts, a good hairdo, and Boris Karloff’s charming smile. 

Happy Halloween

If you haven’t found a creepy car for Halloween, Salvagebid is at your service. With us, you can buy salvage cars directly from IAA and without a dealer license. And be sure: no tricks, only trucks! 

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