Treasure hunt at Auto Junkyards


During the filming of The Blues brothers, around 103 cars were destroyed. It created a world record at that time. Soon after that, there was a race to be a record holder in wrecking cars. The1982 movie, The Junkman by H.B. Halicki, crashed 150 cars and a plane. Two decades later, in 2003, about 300 cars were damaged during the shooting of The Matrix Revolutions. Fast and the Furious series had the latest movies which involved such mass destruction. Dennis McCarthy, the man behind the automotive magic in the last four ‘Fast & the Furious’ films, says, “Usually the cars that are provided for the filming of the movies are test cars that are due to be crushed anyhow.”

Back from the dead

A movie car rental company can make an arrangement of any kind of car, in any color. They modify the car (many of them are used cars) and make them suitable for the movie. These cars may be burnt, wrecked or damaged in some other way. During these shoots, the mechanical department is constantly at work to fix them. If the damage is beyond repair, appropriate payments are made. Many of these beyond repair autos go to junkyards. Often referred to as auto graveyards, these vehicles find a new lease of life here.

A new lifecycle of a car begins in these junkyards. It is a paradise for car lovers. Auctions are conducted and these cars get new owners who repair them. Many a times, these cars are used for ‘organ donation’; parts of these cars are extracted and used in restoration of other classic or salvage cars such as the 1972 Datsun 720. Those who like to play safe, go to dealers for new parts. However, car lovers always like to check out the damaged or salvaged cars to gratify their love for cars.

Online auto auctions – Ideal for car enthusiasts

Car enthusiasts can easily find the vehicle they love at a fraction of the price of a new one at salvage auto auctions. In the past, only dealers were authorized to participate in live auctions; car lovers had to depend on their local mechanics or dealers to buy a car they want to experiment with and customize.

All that changed with the advent of online salvage vehicle auto auctions which allowed all to participate in auto auctions with three easy steps.

  1. Register on the site and pay the security deposit
  2. Bid on a salvaged car
  3. If the bid is the highest, the online auction’s representatives try to win the car at a live auction

Before bidding, car lovers check the auction page to get the relevant details about the car’s condition that led to it being salvaged.

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