Buying a Salvage School Bus for Sale

Top Options to Consider when Looking to Buy a Salvage School Bus for Sale


iuying a bus is always a major investment, which is why it is important that you carefully consider your options before pulling the trigger. If you are looking to buy a school bus without having to spend top dollar, Salvagebid is the place to be. Salvagebid gives you access to a large inventory of salvage buses for sale, all going at unbelievably low prices. That said, if you are still unsure about which one to go for, this article is for you. Read on as we present a list of some of the best options from 2022. These should be on your shortlist when looking for cheap buses for sale

REV Group

Hands down the largest manufacturer of school buses in the US. REV Group has long been known to offer a great blend of performance, longevity, reliability, and value. The company was founded in 2010 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which makes it much younger than most other manufacturers. Regardless, it became a leader in its category thanks to the overall value offered by its buses. Besides school buses, the company also offers a wide variety of other options suitable for different purposes. 

Navistar is currently ranked as the second largest manufacturer of school buses in the US. Navistar has become a name that needs no introduction. To put things into perspective, the company’s yellow buses are used to transport about 26 million students in the US alone. Founded in 1986 as a successor to a company called ‘International Harvester.’  Headquartered in Lisle, Illinois, it serves two primary markets; military and transportation. 

Collins Bus Corporation

Founded in 1967, Collins Bus Corporation is one the oldest yellow bus manufacturing companies in the US. The company has its headquarters in Hutchinson, Kansas, and was the first one to design and produce buses with a provision for a wheelchair lift. Collins Bus Corporation offers a wide array of school buses, including electric and low floor options, and its products are known to offer exceptional luxury and safety.

The Last Word

The options we have listed are just a few of the leading manufacturers whose products you can find in our online auto auctions featuring salvage buses for sale. Register with us today and take your pick from the largest auto auction inventory in North America. If you have any questions about our auctions or any shuttle or school bus for sale featured in our inventory, feel free to reach out. Or contact information is: +1 (360) 347-1300, Monday to Friday, 6am to 4pm (PST) or email at: and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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