Top 5 Cars from Romantic Movies you can Find on Salvagebid


Cars and romance have always come together, and plenty of movies have highlighted the role that cars play in romance. A lot of masterpieces in the history of film are dedicated to romance, and a small handful of them emphasize cars and the impact they can have on our lives. We’re listing the top 5 old but gold movies and their automotive counterparts. These are listed in no particular order, and all of these movies are must-see.

“A Man and a Woman”, featuring two Ford Mustangs

The first film on our list is “A Man and a Woman” (1966) directed by Claude Lelouch. The movie follows the story of racecar driver Jean-Louis Duroc falling in love with a widow, Anne Gauthier. Their history begins when Jean-Louis gives Anne a lift to her home in Deauville in a factory-fresh, beautiful red Ford Mustang Convertible. Jean-Louis participates in the prestigious Monte-Carlo rally, competing in a pearl-white Mustang. Together with these cars, Anne and Jean-Louis overcome hardships in their lives while coming together. The movie brought Claude Lelouch to fame and gathered a vast number of awards, including Palme d’Or in Cannes and two BAFTAs. If you are searching for a newer Ford Mustang, check out our available inventory.

“Two for the Road”, promoting a set of classic Mercedes and Ford

Audrey Hepburn performed in Stanley Donen’s 1967 romantic comedy-drama that depicts how fast tender feelings can decay. A frantically driven Mercedes-Benz 230SL furthers the notion that nothing is permanent. The car witnesses all the bitterness throughout the couple’s relationship and accompanies the affluent spouses throughout major events in their life story. You may be hard-pressed to find a Mercedes-Benz 230SL, but the automaker is known for its luxurious and romantic cars. We’ve got plenty of other Mercedes-Benz up for auction.

“The Love Bug” where the VW Beetle takes a leading role

An expensive Lamborghini 400GT tried to steal the show from the 1963 VW Beetle named Herbie, but didn’t succeed. The film follows miserable racecar turned demolition derby driver, Jim Douglas, who meets a mechanic named Carole Bennett. Jim pays a visit to a showroom, where owner Peter Thorndyke berates a poor, white, VW Beetle. Jim defends the classic car, only to find it parked outside of his home. The rivalry between Peter and Jim begins up and Jim decides to take VW Beetle racing, but only after discovering it had a mind of its own. Herbie plays a pivotal role in bringing Carole and Jim together throughout the movie, in what is possibly the only film in which a car plays a matchmaker on its own. If you’re trying to recreate a similar love story, we’ve got many salvage and clean title Beetles available.

“Driving Miss Daisy” and a variety of classic Cadillacs

An incredibly touching film directed by Bruce Beresford, released in 1989, went on to win four Oscars and three Golden Globes. The cast included Morgan Freeman, Jessica Tandy, and Dan Aykroyd, playing Hoke, Miss Daisy, and Boolie respectively. The film explores racism and prejudice and a friendship that transforms into love. The cars featured in the movie are a genuine pleasure to see. An extensive range of classic Cadillacs, Fords, and Hudsons are showcased in the film, including a remarkable 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special. You may be able to find the perfect romance-inducing Cadillac at Salvagebid

Tarantino’s “True Romance” and ostentatious Porsche 911 Flatnose

Do you often associate Quentin Tarantino with romantic movies? Neither do we, but “True Romance” was a force of its own. An open-top white Porsche 911 Flatnose was the force behind a love story which is steeped in murder, and car chases as the two leads attempt to flee dire straights to forge a new life. The star-studded cast includes actors Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt, Christian Slater, and Patricia Arquette who won’t leave you indifferent to the story. Do not get upset about the gloomy plot because Alabama Whitman and Clarence Worley in the final scenes flee to Mexico and the girl gives birth to Clarence’s son. The Porsche 911 Flatnose is a pretty rare find, but you’ll be able to find a variety of Porsche 911s going to auction.

With Valentine’s Day here, this list may be what you need to ignite passion with the perfect car.  If romance is on your mind, you might be able to find a vehicle that can keep it alive for you and your significant other for years to come. Just use our Vehicle Finder and start your search today. 

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