Top 5 2019 Car Models to Look for at Salvage Car Auctions


It’s common knowledge that online salvage car auctions are the way to go if you’re looking to upgrade your ride on a budget. What some people may not know is the fact that you can land recent models from leading vehicle manufacturers without having to spend a small fortune. Salvage cars come with hefty discounts and, sometimes, cosmetic damage that won’t cost you much in repairs. Here’s a look at the top five car models from 2019 that you can buy at car auctions in Los Angeles and other places. 

1. 2019 Mercedes Benz G

The Mercedes Benz G belongs to the Large Luxury Sports Utility Segment. It was introduced in 1979 and has seen some major changes since. It has grown to almost being an equal to top-end vehicles such as the Range Rover. The 2019 model is tough, boasting a 4.0L V8 N, 8-Cylinder Twin Turbo Engine and an automatic transmission, and features hugely improved steering and an upgraded interior. It can climb and descend 45-degree slopes as well as lean over 35 degrees, among other insane off-road abilities. Other specifications include:

  • DOHC Engine Camshaft
  • Double Wishbone Front Suspension w/Coil Springs
  • Electric Power-Assist Speed-Sensing Steering
  • Engine Auto start/stop Feature
  • Full-Time All-Wheel Drive
  • Gas-Pressurized Shock Absorbers
  • Active Brake-Assist
  • Side-Impact Beams
  • 24.6 gal Fuel Tank
  • 44.6 ft Turning Diameter – Curb to Curb
  • Front Head room – 41.9 in
  • Front Leg room – 38.7 in
  • Min Ground Clearance – 9.2 in
  • Wheelbase – 113.8 in

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2. 2019 Mercedes Benz S

The 2019 Mercedes Benz S is a beautiful luxury sedan with a beastly heart. It features a 3.0L V6 engine with rear-wheel drive and an automatic transmission. It also has 4-Corner Auto-Leveling Suspension, 4-Wheel Disc Brakes w/4-Wheel ABS, Front And Rear Vented Discs, Brake Assist, Electric Parking Brake, and Hill Hold Control. Other specifications include:

  • DOHC Engine Camshaft
  • Approx 21.1 gal Fuel Capacity
  • Front Head Room – 42.1 in
  • Front Leg Room – 41.4 in
  • Min Ground Clearance 5 in
  • Wheel Base – 124.6 in
  •  EPA Fuel Economy – 19 MPG in City/28 MPG on Highway/22 MPG Combined
  • Electric Power-Assist Speed-Sensing Steering
  • Front and Rear Anti-Roll Bars
  • A/C, Climate Control, Multi-Zone A/C
  • Traction control, Blind Spot Monitor, Lane Departure Warning, Stability Control, Lane Keeping Assist.

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3. 2019 Audi A7

The 2019 Audi A7 Hatchback belongs to the Premium Plus S-Line Series. It has a 3.0L Turbocharged V6 and variable-timing engine with all-wheel-drive, and an automatic transmission. It has front and rear Multi-Link Suspension w/Coil Springs as well as Regenerative 4-Wheel Disc Brakes w/4-wheel ABS, Front and Rear Vented Discs, Brake Assist, Electric Parking Brake, and Hill Hold Control. Other features of the 2019 Audi A7 also features:

  • DOHC Engine Camshaft
  • Engine Auto Start/Stop Feature
  • Electric Power-Assist Speed-sensing Steering
  • 7-Spd S Tronic Dual-Clutch Automatic Transmission w/Driver Selectable Mode and Oil Cooler
  • 19.3 gal Fuel Tank Capacity
  • 36.4 ft Turning Diameter – Curb to Curb
  • Front Head Room – 37 in
  • Front Leg Room – 41.3 in
  • Wheelbase – 115.2 in
  • EPA Fuel Economy – Est 22 MPG City/29 MPG Highway and 25 MPG Combined

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4. 2019 Lexus RX

The 2019 LEXUS RX Sports Utility Vehicle boasts a 3.5L V6 FI DOHC 24V NF4 Engine. It is a hybrid vehicle that belongs to the Intermediate Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle Segment and comes with all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission. 

  • 17.2 gal Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Electric Power-Assist Speed-Sensing Steering
  • Gas-Pressurized Shock Absorbers
  • Automatic Full-Time All-Wheel Drive
  • Double Wishbone Rear Suspension w/Coil Springs
  • Strut Front Suspension w/Coil Springs
  • Regenerative 4-Wheel Disc Brakes w/4-Wheel ABS, Front and Rear Vented Discs, Electric Parking Brake, Brake Assist, and Hill Hold Control
  • Electronic Controlled CVT Transmission w/Driver Selectable Mode and Sequential Shift Control
  • Engine Auto Stop/Start Feature
  • 38 ft Turning Diameter – Curb to Curb
  • Front Head Room – 39.4 in
  • Front Leg Room – 44.1 in
  • EPA Fuel Economy – Est 30 MPG City/28 MPG Highway and 30 MPG Combined
  • Lexus Safety System™
  • Keyless Entry/Power Door Locks 

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5. 2019 Mercedes Benz CLS

The 2019 Mercedes Benz CLS is a sedan that belongs to the Luxury Sports Vehicle Segment. It is powered by an AMG-enhanced 3.0L Inline-6 Turbo Gasoline Engine and comes with an automatic all-wheel-drive transmission.  

  • DOHC Engine Camshaft
  • 4-Corner Auto-Leveling Suspension
  • Sport Tuned Adaptive Suspension
  • Electric Power-Assist Speed-sensing Steering
  • Full-Time All-Wheel Drive
  • Engine Auto Stop/Start Feature 
  • AMG SPEEDSHIFT 9G TCT Transmission w/Driver-selectable Mode
  • 21.1 gal Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Front Head Room – 36.9 in
  • Front Leg Room – 41.9 in
  • EPA Fuel Economy – Est 21 MPG City/27 MPG Highway and 23 MPG Combined
  • A/C, Climate Control, and Multi-Zone A/C
  • Keyless Entry/Power Door Locks

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