Top 3 Family Cars to Look for in Damaged Car Auctions

Top 3 Family Cars to Look for in Damaged Car Auctions


Buying a car for the entire family is usually surrounded by countless suggestions and preconditions from every family member, making it all the more challenging for buyers to take their picks. While damaged car auctions feature a wide spectrum of junk cars for sale to suit different needs and budgets, the abundance of options can leave one overwhelmed. That is the reason why we’re presenting a list of the top five family cars from different categories, which are frequently featured in our damaged car auctions. Take a look.

1. Compact SUV: Subaru Forester

Undoubtedly one of the most successful cars to be produced by the Japanese automaker, the Subaru Forester is a perfect option if you are looking for a compact SUV that is easy on the pocket but doesn’t make you compromise on ride quality or features. Promising a smooth ride even on the bumpiest of terrains, the latest Forester delivers an impressive fuel economy of 33/26 mpg (city/highway). 

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2. Mid-Size SUV: Chevrolet Traverse

The Chevrolet Traverse, despite being ideal for large families, does not compromise on any aspect of styling. Powered by a massive 3.6 L DOHC V6 engine, the Traverse comes with a host of infotainment and safety features and has received a 5-star rating from the NHTSA for overall safety. Thanks to VVT and direct fuel injection system, the SUV delivers an impressive fuel economy for its segment, which stands at 18/27 mpg (city/highway). 

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3. Luxury SUV: Audi Q7

If you are looking for the best that money can buy, you can’t go wrong with the legendary Audi Q7. Encapsulating a perfect blend of luxury, style, performance and utility, the Audi Q7 is propelled by a 45 TFSI® (2.0T) or 55 TFSI® (3.0T) engine, pumping out 248 and 329 horsepower respectively. The luxury SUV comes loaded with an array of cutting-edge features that make it one of the most desirable rides in its segment.

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Wrap Up

The cars we have listed in this article are just a handful from the expansive pool of options you can find in our wrecked car auctions. To help you make an informed buying decision, every vehicle listed in our damaged car auctions is accompanied by high-resolution images and detailed information including VIN that you can use to look up detailed vehicle history with the help of a ClearVIN VIN Check Report. There are also car dealership reports that will help those involved in business activity.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to reach out to us, and we will do everything possible to guide you in the right direction. Register today to bid on and buy your dream car without breaking the bank! If you have any questions or wish to learn more about any of the junk cars for sale listed with us, fill out our contact form or simply call +1 (360) 347-1300.

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