The Top Three Reasons to Buy Salvage Cars at Auction


Everyone wants a good deal when buying a car or other type of vehicle. The question is, where to get that deal? There are plenty of options: dealers, individuals, companies, online auctions, law enforcement auctions, a friend, grandma. All of these have pros and cons. We’ll look at how online auctions stack up with other options.


The pro here, is that hands down, online auctions offer the greatest selection. Since these are virtual auctions, the vehicle can be located anywhere. This gives you access to tens of thousands of vehicles. There is no place else that can give access to this many vehicles. In addition to the inherent selection, comes the competition that helps keep prices low. When there are 50 cars that are the make, model and year you’re looking for that helps to hold down the price.

More Information

Each listing contains information about the vehicle. Information a typical seller wouldn’t know, let alone tell you. Each listing provides an Actual Cash Value estimate. This is what the car would sell for if any damage is repaired. This helps you gage how much you’re willing to bid. The current bid is always listed, letting you see what someone else is willing to pay. A dealer won’t have information like that. The VIN is prominently displayed; giving you all you need to order a detailed Vehicle History Report.

Price, Price & Price

Money talks, and when you offer the lowest price people listen.

Car distributors and dealers sell pre-owned cars by adding a markup. So even when a dealer gives a “good deal,” he still got a better deal. One of the ways they get their deals is because as a licensed dealer they can participate in auctions that are closed to the public. This is where Salvagebid steps in. All members can use our dealer’s license and gain the same advantages as a dealer to get low prices.

There are those occasional CraigsList postings where a person doesn’t know the value of their car and they’re asking very little. Hoping to find one of these is like waiting to hit the Lotto. This is a great approach if you love waiting. Grandma might feel like giving you a better deal than you could get at an auction. But nobody can compete with grandma.

For most buyers to get the very best price the realistic and effective approach is to use an online salvage auction. This is where people save money.

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