RV Types

The Most Popular RV Types


Recreational vehicles are the best option for tourists and adventure seekers. People think of the different kinds of RVs as a way to escape the big cities and live cheaper.

However, there are key nuances and differences to be familiar with if you are interested in buying an RV. Salvagebid invites you to sort everything out and define the most popular and affordable mobile home types.

Class B Camper Van

Camper Van

It’s probably the most popular and inexpensive RV option since you can arrange it inside a minibus or cargo van. In the United States, another possible way to get one is to order conversion and modernization of an ordinary bus to your taste from an autobody shop, mechanic or customizer.

Among the advantages of a motorhome, we can highlight the full height. Probably the most important thing is that you can not only sleep and eat but also lead an active life in a properly equipped bus.

Another motorhome benefit is the possibility to save by choosing a basic configuration. If you don’t plan frequent and long trips, you can purchase an old van or a well-preserved copy of an old model as a carrier.

The RV’s exterior also plays an important role. For many travelers, it is important that the appearance of such an RV most often looks like an ordinary van and not an expensive mobile home.

Travel Trailer

Travel Trailer

This RV configuration comes in three size classes. The first and biggest one is around 15-20 feet in length. There is maximum comfort, no less than in a full-scale motor home. You can find a separate kitchen and bedroom, quality furniture, air conditioning, and other features that add to the convenience.

In the smallest travel trailer class, with a length of 11.5 feet, most amenities, particularly sofa-bed, bedroom-living room, and shower-toilet, will be convertible to save space.

The main features of the travel trailer RV type that make it so popular are as follows:

  • The trailer can be unhooked. It allows you to use the tractor-trailer separately whenever you want.
  • Travel trailers provide a wide range of options in choosing their configuration, which doesn’t depend on the size of the trailer: shower cabin, heating, air conditioner, refrigerator, satellite Internet, solar battery, LED lighting, and much more.

Driving such a type of RV requires skills that must be acquired in advance. The dimensions of the travel trailer, or rather its weight, affect the weight of the vehicle and the category of the driver’s license. Consider this nuance.

Semi-Integrated Motorhome

Semi-Integrated Motorhome

This one refers to a residential module with its cab that is mounted on the standard chassis of a light truck. There is a passage from the steering wheel to the living area. Often, the cabin is combined with it into one space.

If we speak about semi-integrated motorhomes, here you have an opportunity to purchase a high-quality RV from a trusted global brand like American Coach, Coachmen RV, or Forest River RV. That is, the most famous manufacturers of housing for motor travelers play in this genre. Their brand level is manifested in the quality of interior decoration and smart design that saves space.

However, you can face a high price when purchasing a semi-integrated RV. Such campers have traditionally been expensive, with prices reaching $100,000. Along with that, you can save money at the expense of the chassis manufacturer. For example, a motorhome with Mercedes units is fundamentally more expensive than a camper with technical equipment from Ford or Fiat.

Bear in mind that items in this RV category are cheaper than integrated motorhomes. With almost the same other qualities, such a camper will be significantly cheaper than the integrated one.

Integrated Motorhome

Integrated Motorhome

It is the coolest option that responds to all the high-quality standards. As a carrier, the same chassis as branded minibusses is used but without their cabin. The entire exterior/interior image is formed by the designers of the motor home manufacturer. Often, there is also an opportunity to personalize your integrated RV and order a specific design pattern.

Among other advantages, we can note increased internal space. Such houses have more space inside due to the fact that the driver’s area is included in the general living zone. Armchairs are often used as interior furniture.

Thanks to the uniform exterior style, the integrated RV makes a solid, more expensive impression. Such a motor home is not perceived as a converted or modernized van. There are people for whom this is important. In addition to the high price of the motorhome itself, the exclusivity of its appearance raises the price of its maintenance. After all, all parts of the body and its equipment will have to be specially ordered from the motorhome manufacturer and not bought at the nearest car shop or local dealer of the carrier car brand.

The Bottom Line

We highly recommend you buy an RV with Salvagebid if you want to receive new emotions and strive for adventures. This decision can change your life and help you save money. We will assist you with choosing the best option and picking the most appropriate RV type that meets all your requirements and demands. To take part in our online auctions, we encourage you to sign up and bid on the recreational vehicles of your dream. In case of any requests or questions, you can reach us at: +1 (360) 347-1300 from 7 AM to 4 PM (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday, or email support@salvagebid.com.

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