Starting a Boat Rental Business? Learn More About Boats!


If you’re starting a boat rental business, Salvagebid can help you save a boat-load of money. As a licensed IAA broker, we offer a wide inventory of salvage boats that are much cheaper than new ones. 

With salvage boats from our website, you can easily start not only a local boat rental, but a peer to peer rental business as well. Some peer to peer boat rental platforms like Boatbound provide you with a website, insurance, and marketing. All you need to do is to list your boat(s) for rent. Another great idea is arranging boat eco-tours, where a couple of touring hours will make you some money. 

Before implementing all those ideas into real life, you should choose a salvage boat. Boats are available in different shapes and sizes and each model has a purpose. Below, you will find the most popular boat types used for renting and their main features as well. So, put up your sails, we’re getting started! 


Sailboats are big, luxurious vehicles designed for long-distance traveling. They’re perfect for an overnight stay out at sea and have all the things that are necessary for comfortable living. Many of them have wide beams for better stability, but are a bit slower because of it. Classic sailboats are beloved by those who are fond of sailing, however, owning and maintaining the one is a lot of work for you, as a rental owner. 

The most functional and cheap sailboats are cabin cruisers and motor yachts. These vehicles can serve multiple purposes and are often used for multiple-day fishing trips, parties, and short-distance tours. Just like this elegant 1985 Sea Ray with a comfortable lounge.

Pontoon boat

Pontoon boats are frequently used for fishing. They are small and usually designed like a catamaran with two hulls and have a space for one or two persons. Pontoon boats are pretty light and are suitable for sailing at sea only in calm weather. However, pontoons have been used for big-game fishing. Since, in the US this fishing competition was developed in Avalon, California you can think over a good offer for the participants if you live in that region. 

You can find a list of pontoon boats currently available on Salvagebid by clicking here. The list includes the 2007 Suntracker PH30, 2005 Bentley Pontoon, 2018 Crest 3, and other makes and models.  


These boats are generally designed for summer activities. They are not too big, pretty dynamic and perfectly suitable for a daytime group trip. If you’re thinking about making a special offer to your clients, think about adding wakeboard towers to your bowrider and include wakeboarding into your special ‘Watersports Package’. 

On you can find excellent salvage bowriders such as the 2001 Sea Ray 18″6, a variety of Bayliners produced between 1983 – 2018, and a couple of Chapparal models.  


Personal watercraft is a must-have in your rental inventory. Many tourists enjoy surfing across the ocean at high speed and expect to find a jet ski at a boat rental point. 

You can find salvage jet skis on Salvagebid such as Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Sea-Doo produced between 2004 – 2013. 

Sail with Salvagebid

Salvage boats from Salvagebid can save you a lot of money. Some of that money will be used on repairs, of course, but the other part can be used for your business needs. If you’re already excited about starting a boat rental, join Salvagebid now and find the best boat deals! 

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