Some ‘Shaken not Stirred’ Facts About Bond Cars


The name’s Bond…James Bond! What are some thoughts that come to your mind when you hear these words? A super slick spy who swoons some of the most beautiful women in the world with his charisma or a martini slurping secret agent who has saved the world numerous times. Mr. Bond may have risen to the occasion, saving the day every time disaster struck, however, even he needs some help when it comes to fending off the devious plans of the worst villains on the earth to materialize. From a rocket cigarette to a grenade launcher pen, the super spy has used several gadgets in different movies. Among the plethora of gadgets he uses, Bond cars are arguably the most popular ones and have captured the imagination of car enthusiasts and movie buffs alike for years. As a car enthusiast and a Bond fan, you may know the models used in different Bond movies over the years. However, we are pretty sure you did not know the amazing facts mentioned below about some of these stunning vehicles. Take a look.

1. The Aston Martin Used in Spectre was Custom Made

‘Yeah, keep on lookin’, coz that’s all you can do!’

Used in 12 out of the 26 Bond movies made till date, Aston Martin have become synonymous with the Bond legacy. That said, no model was custom made for any of the franchise’s movies, until 2015, when Spectre changed that. The DB10 used in the movie was developed by Eon productions (the production company that owns the rights to Bond movies), director Sam Mendes and Aston Martin’s design team. Too bad this beauty is not for sale.

2. Eon Productions had to Persuade Aston Martin to Lend them the DB5

Wine and Bond cars only get better with time.

Dubbed as the most iconic car ever used in a movie, the DB5 is a class apart. The car first featured in the 1963 movie, Goldfinger and was subsequently used in four other Bond movies. The manufacturer, however, was not very keen at lending the car when Eon Productions approached them. The producers, however, remained persistent and the legendary car maker agreed to lend them a prototype to be used in Goldfinger. The rest, as they say, is history.

3. Jaguar C-X75s Used in Spectre are Custom Made and Not for Sale

Classy guy, classy machine, what more do we say!

When Eon productions decided to use the DB10 as Bond’s ride in Spectre, they needed an equally stunning beauty to feature as the villain’s car. JLR was roped in for the project. The design team under JLR Special Operations Manager, John Edwards designed five custom made Jaguar C-X75s to feature in the movie. Unlike the original concept that featured microturbine power, the C-X75s specially designed for the movie included V8s. As of now, JLR has no plans to manufacture the car for mass consumption. However, never say never! We are optimistic that buoyed by the rave reviews, JLR may soon change their mind. Till then, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

4. The 2000 GT from ‘You Only Live Twice’ had its Roof Chopped Off

Roof or no roof, this stunner still turns heads.

For the 1967 Bond movie, ‘You Only Live Twice’ the super spy swapped his stylish Aston Martin for 2000 GT, a convertible by Toyota. The car was custom made for the movie and the roof had to be chopped off as Sean Connery (towering at 6’2”) found it difficult to fit into the car. The movie did wonders for the car that has since then fetched hefty amounts in various auctions. Only 351 units of the model were produced and you will be lucky to spot one on the roads or at an auction.

5. Bond Cars Insurance Payouts Stand at a Staggering $2.3 Million

So much awesomeness in one pic!

Recently an insurance company calculated the insurance payouts for some of the most recent and famous Bond cars, and the numbers are unbelievably high, to say the least. The company estimates DB10’s worth to be $928,000, whereas the payout for other cars: Land Rover Defender, Jaguar C-X75 and Range Rover Discovery comes to around $1.34 million.

Cars That Exemplify the Phrase ‘The World is Not Enough’

James Bond cars are rare commodities. Chances are high that you may never see many of these on the streets. Even if you are able to find one sold at an auction, the price, to say the least is sure to floor you. That said, you do not have to let your dream of owning a stylish car die a premature death. Scan through our inventory of salvage cars, the one that best complements your style statement. You can also customize the vehicle to include additional features that will make it look more cool. To learn more about us, call at +1 (360) 347-1300.

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