Search, Bid & Win Wrecked Cars For Sale


Buying a classy Mercedes within a limited budget is a distant dream for many people. If you are willing to shell out some bucks for repair, however, salvage vehicles might be a great option. There are theft recovered, flood damaged and accident-damaged vehicles with minor dents. Auctions are the best source to get access to thousands of vehicles of different brands including Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Honda.

Earlier, bidders had to keep track of the date and the venue of an auction. Now the best option is to participate in online auctions. In the United States, salvage/wrecked cars for sale are a popular concept. Bidders get access to several vehicles collected from different auction locations, and bidders can bid on their desired car. There are search engines in registered brokers’ sites to browse through a list of wrecked vehicles and select one that suits the budget and the preference of a buyer.

The registered brokers provide details of the vehicles including the damage type, loss type, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), odometer reading, and their estimated cash value of the car before damage. Bidders can collect information about the history of the car using the VIN.

Participating in the Preliminary Bidding Process

Given below are the simple steps to participate in the bidding process:

  • Search a car according to make, model and zip code.
  • Check out images of the car on the auction page.
  • Make necessary calculations using the fee and shipping calculator.
  • Get the car inspected (if needed).
  • Enter the maximum amount that you are ready to pay for the car.
  • Register on a broker’s site and deposit refundable security amount for bidding.

Preliminary Bidding to Final Auction:

The participant with the highest preliminary bid is represented by the registered broker at the live auto auctions. The registered broker aims to win the car at the lowest possible price. At times, the price is less than the highest bidder’s preliminary bid.

Buyers can participate in auctions that were initially limited to licensed auto dealers. Get, set to bid and win a classy Mercedes.

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