Salvage Cars for Teens


Teens love having their own vehicles! Nearly every parent of a teenager around the age of 16 hears their teen express interest in having a car. Some respond to this by buying their teen a new car. While this is a very nice gift (and one that is happily accepted by many teens!), there are also way to get your teen a car on a budget that comes with the bonus of teaching them about vehicle maintenance and responsibility.

Vehicles available through Insurance Auto Auctions tend to be very budget-friendly. Auction vehicles generally go for what you are willing to pay for them, rather than for a price set by the seller. With auctions, you can purchase a vehicle for a much lower price than if you were to buy from a typical auto dealer, so there is no need to worry about depreciation from the small cosmetic issues that sometimes result from youthful oversight. The vehicle will likely even already have a few dents and dings, and in fact, repairing these dents and dings is a great learning opportunity for a first-time car owner!

By getting a salvage vehicle through Insurance Auto Auctions, you will likely get a vehicle that needs a bit of work before it is ready to be driven on public roads. When selecting a vehicle, look for types of damage that you are confident that you and your teen can repair. You may also want to check with your local DMV to make sure that you will be able to register the vehicle in your state using the documentation type stated on the vehicle’s Lot Listing Page. By selecting a vehicle on which you can perform the necessary repairs with your teen, you will save money on repairs and teach your teen about how to perform the necessary repairs. They will get a better idea of how cars work as well as the amount of care and investment they require. Further, your teen may grow to be personally invested in the vehicle as they watch their hard work turn into a functional piece of equipment, and be motivated to take better care of it as a result. These skills will benefit your teen far beyond them simply having a car to drive to school and work for a while!

Beyond the inherent cost savings, buying your teen a salvage vehicle from Insurance Auto Auctions can be a valuable teaching and bonding experience for your family. Knowing how to perform repairs is a useful skill for any car owner, and taking responsibility for a project like restoring a vehicle teaches lessons that are important in a wide variety of contexts. Taking on a project may not be as quick and easy as grabbing a car from the local dealership and driving it off the lot, but it involves a lot more opportunity for family bonding, skill development, and understanding personal responsibility. When you add that to the cost savings of buying salvage vehicles at auction, the choice is obvious – find your teen’s new project today at!

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