Safety Features of a Used Car for Your Teen


What feature would parents look for in a car that they are buying for their teenage boy? It should have good collision protection (most important!) and be able to fit their budget. In other words, they look for a safe used car. All these aspects are ignored in reality. According to a research by a nonprofit organization, The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, none of these factors are considered by parents when buying a car for their teenager. The president of the institute said, “Some recommended used vehicles can help consumers factor in safety, in addition to affordability.”

Nowadays, most parents buy used vehicles that were launched in 2006 or before. Some teenagers are handed down old cars of their parents or older siblings. Most of these cars were also manufactured on or before 2006. This was the time when cars did not have many safety features like side airbags and electronic stability control. Teenagers also prefer driving these small cars, which back in 2006 had fewer safety features compared to the bigger vehicles of those times. The problem is that parents are not aware that their teenage children are at great risk driving the used cars that they do. From the point of view of parents, money and security are both important issues. Therefore, a relatively newer used car can be a solution to their problems.

Some reputable online auto auction dealers offer cars that were manufactured as late as 2012. You can expect these used cars to have most of the present day safety features, if not all. You can check the VIN number of the used cars to be sure about their history. Parents would appreciate that they get a used car in good condition with appropriate safety features at a much lesser price.

The institute has released a safety check for parents. Some points have been listed which parents need to consider.

Though powerful engines and high speeds thrill a teenager, they must stay away from cars with high horsepower. As per a survey, more teenagers get killed in car crashes than adults. In many cases, even the latest safety features fail to save the driver and other passengers. Nonetheless, bigger vehicles do provide better safety during a crash. So, small SUVs and minivans with good safety features are the best option for teenagers.

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