Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Car


Car buyers often wish to get their rides ‘’brand new’ straight from the showroom or dealer. However, this is not always possible and neither is it always the best way forward. In most instances, it makes perfect sense to go for a used or salvage vehicle for a number of different compelling reasons. Car auctions in Los Angeles gives you access to a huge selection of used, and repairable cars of all makes and models at cheap prices. This blog looks at some of the reasons why it makes sense to buy a used car.


Depending on the year of manufacture and mileage, you stand to save considerably by opting to buy a used car. Brand new cars lose up to 10 percent of their value in an instant the minute they drive out of showrooms and enter the ranks of ‘used cars’. As long as you know about cars and can evaluate all potential purchases before putting your money down, you are guaranteed huge savings by buying used. You can also skip a model to save even more.

Less losses from depreciation

Used cars tend to lose their value at a much slower rate when compared to brand new cars. The lower rate of depreciation means that you lose less money on your used ride compared to someone who owns a brand new version of the same car. Most used cars will have passed the initial three years that are characterized by runaway depreciation.

Great for newbie drivers

If you are looking to buy or gift someone their first car, it makes sense to go for a used option. Driving a used car gives you less kitters about getting it dented or involved in an accident. You can, therefore, drive freely and get accustomed to the road before going for the next best thing.

Lower insurance rates

Car insurance is not only the law, it is a good idea. Insurance premiums take the replacement value of the vehicle into account, which is why brand new cars are pricey when it comes to insurance cover. A used car auctions in Los Angeles allows you to pay a lower rate on your insurance, giving you access to even more savings.

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