Purchasing a Tractor from Industrial Equipment Auctions? Read this First!


Tractors are not just a necessity for farmers, but are also indispensable to anyone who needs to do any kind of ploughing, tilling, or large lawn care work. When choosing a tractor, you need to consider various factors, such as weight, size, horsepower, and lift capacity. You also need to consider the terrain on which it will be used and the type of work to be carried out. The brief guide discusses some such important factors you need to consider when purchasing a tractor from industrial auto auctions. Read on.


The horsepower of a tractor also helps you guess the size of a tractor; however, many manufacturers, these days, place different engines in the same chassis. That’s why many modern small tractors offer greater horsepower when compared to their predecessors.

Tractor Types

Tractors can be classified primarily in four categories. Here’s the list:


Compact tractors are ideal for all-around small acreage chores. Also known as mid-size or acreage tractors, they are easy-to-operate, thanks to the greater ground clearance than garden or sub-compact tractors, and a fuel capacity of 6-8 gallons. These tractors tend to have the least number of attachments.

Lawn and Garden

Lawn tractors, as the name suggests, are used for mowing lawns. The tires minimize footprints on the lawns, have a 2-3 gallon fuel tank, and electric Power Take Off. Garden tractors come with a fuel capacity of 5-6 gallons. They are ideal for driving through barn pens or towing small things. Depending on the brand, you can use multiple attachments from trailers, tillers and dump carts to rotary booms and sprayers with garden tractors; however, they are not meant for routine fieldwork, large arenas or large-scale feeding.


If you have a small livestock or are a part-time producer, a utility tractor is the ideal choice. Equipped with a 20-30 gallon fuel tank, these machines are good for working in large-scale arenas.


Farm tractors are usually meant for commercial farming. They are the biggest and most powerful tractor type, which can carry up to 300 gallons of fuel. Engineered with multiple hydraulic hookups, farm tractors may have as many as 24 forward and reverse gears with 4WD. Depending on the manufacturer, these tractors may have a sound system, power seat with multiple adjustments, heat and air conditioning, and GPS system.

Lift Capacity and Loader

Another important element to consider when finding a tractor that caters to your specific needs is its lift capacity. Be it a loader or three-point lift, you can measure the lift capacity in different ways such as static lift capacity, pivot pin capacity, and lift arm capacity. When looking for a loader, consider the cycle time along with the lift capacity. Although loaders usually fit into various tractor types, you need to buy a loader and tractor from the same manufacturer to match the performance.

Size and Type of the Property

The first key factor to consider is the size and type of the property on which it will be used. Regular tractors such as a John Deere 2305 or the Kubota BX24 are ideal for approximately 5 acres of farmland. A garden tractor is an ideal choice for a farm of less of than 5 acres. A regular garden mower is ideal for a property that has up to 3 acres of land. You also need to consider the type of soil when buying a tractor from industrial equipment auctions.

And That’s Not All…

In addition to the mentioned factors, check whether the tractor you are planning to buy is easy to operate, and comes with a 4WD system, power steering, and the attachments you need. As far as purchasing tractors at the lowest possible prices is concerned, SalvageBid has got you covered. Participate in our industry equipment auctions to explore a wide variety of tractors, and other heavy equipment, such as forklift, generators, and more. Click this link to start browsing or call us at +1 (360) 347-1300 for more information.

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