Pro Tips for Salvage Motorcycle Restoration


If you are shopping for a motorcycle on a budget, an obvious route to explore is that of salvage motorcycles. Whether or not you have any experience restoring salvage vehicles is important as you can find a treasure trove of helpful information online or get help from an experienced mechanic. If you are unsure as to how you must proceed after buying your salvage motorcycle for sale, this blog gives you a headstart on some of the must-do steps.

Restoration steps

Salvage motorcycles for sale feature different types of damage. This means there isn’t a single cut and dried way to fix every salvage motorcycle. The steps covered in this blog follow a general route that every restoration effort ought to take over and above any repairs and parts replacements that may be necessary according to the specific damage suffered by the bike.

  • First check the battery. Either charge it and top-up any depleted fluids or replace it if it’s no longer usable
  • Check the fuel tank and get rid of any old gas in it. If it’s in a good condition put in new gas
  • Run a check of the spark plugs and replace them if they no longer work
  • Replace the fuel filter
  • Clean or replace spark plugs depending on their condition
  • Change all fluids, including the oil filter
  • Check the fuel line for leaks and if it needs replacing, make sure all clamps are installed correctly.
  • If fuel can’t pass through the fuel valve, clean it replace the filters, Be careful not to damage gaskets
  • Fix the carb by cleaning the bowl, float, fuel valve, and exposed jets, while avoiding any damage to the intake boot

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