Planning to Buy a Used Car? Here’s How to Avoid Buying an Accidental Car


Online car auctions have become quite popular in the recent years as you can find some of the rare varieties of cars in these auctions. Many people avoid buying cars from online auction as they may end up buying a damaged car that has been repaired. However, proper inspection of the vehicle before making the final decision will help you ensure that you buy something that is worth the investment. In this blog, we discuss things you must do to avoid buying an accidental car.

Aftermarket Painting test

Inspect the car carefully and check whether there are any panels that are of different color in the car. If any part of the car has been repainted, the repainted portion will look a bit different from the rest of the vehicle. The aftermarket painting process will be different and the newly painted panel might also look slightly faded.

Check the Edges

After checking the paint, the next step is to check the edges of the doors, windows as well as the hood of the vehicle. The edges will be smooth if the vehicle has been painted in the factory. Aftermarket paint often leaves the edges slightly rough and bumpy. A rough edge indicates that the panel has been repainted and you need to give a second thought before buying the vehicle.

Check for Dents

If the vehicle has a dented area, it implies that there was a dent in the vehicle which has been repaired. You may notice “bondo” in the area, which is putty mixed with hardener which is applied on the dent and sand it to make it look even. If you look closely, find some sanding marks underneath the paint, it implies the car had dents.

Check for Mask Off

When a car is damaged and goes for repairing, the body man will mask off the area that needs repainting. If there is a trace of overspray around the base of the window, it implies that the car was damaged and repainted. Examine very carefully, especially if it is a black car, to check whether there is any defined line. In addition, check the inside of the wheel wells to check if there was any overspraying.

Last Few Words

Those were some of the important checks that you must perform if you plan to buy a car from an online auction. Carefully checking the car before making the final decision will ensure that you don’t end up buying a damaged car and regret your decision later. If you are want to buy a used car, SalvageBid offers one of the widest range of used cars for sale in the US. To check available options, click here , or speak to one of our representatives at +1 (360) 347-1300.

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