Meanings Of The Most Common Damage Statuses On SalvageBid

Shares is a premium online salvaged car broker that gives members the chance to bid on vehicles that are listed on IAA. Before, to purchase vehicles from IAA auctions you must have had a valid US car dealers license to even gain access to the inventory that the company had. Now, thanks to you are given the chance to bid on the thousands of salvaged vehicles that IAA has to offer. When purchasing salvaged cars online, it is important to understand the damage statuses that are listed under every vehicle. Below you will find a detailed breakdown of the most common different damage statuses that can be found on


If your car was vandalized to the extent where repairing the damages that have been made costs more than the vehicle itself, your call will now have a salvaged title. In most cases of vandalism, the damages that happen are purely cosmetic, and in no way affect the driveability of the vehicle.


In the states of Georgia, Arizona, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Oklahoma, vehicles that are reported stolen will automatically receive a salvage title no matter the damage it has obtained. In some cases, there may even be none. Other states evaluate the vehicles damage that was obtained while in theft, and only then may they decide if the vehicle is salvaged or not.

Flood Damage

This type of car damage is fairly self-explanatory. A car that has been flooded receives a salvage title instantly.

Hail Damage

In most cases, hail damage is purely cosmetical, and hardly affects the functionality of the vehicle. Hail damaged vehicles are easy to spot with them having dents all over. When a vehicle has serious hail damage, you will usually find it having a cracked headlamp or windshield.


Such vehicles are not permitted by state law to be repaired and appear on the road again. In most cases, such vehicles are used as donors for other vehicles that are being repaired.

Front End Damage

A vehicle that has received a considerable amount of damage to the front end is given a salvaged title. When purchasing a car with front end damage, it is important to carefully observe the pictures and understand if any serious damage has been done to the engine and other important parts in the front of the vehicle.

Back End Damage

A vehicle with considerable back end damage is always given a salvaged title. In most cases, there are no major parts of a vehicle in the back end, and repairing such a damaged vehicle can be fairly affordable and quick.

Minor Dents/Scratches

Vehicles with such a damage status usually have a non-salvaged title, and in most cases, are just used vehicles that are on sale without any major issues.

At you can find all sorts of salvaged vehicles that can fit any budget. For more information feel free to get in contact with our customer support team and they will answer any questions you may have.

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