Looking to Buy a Salvage Mercedes Benz? Read This First!


Did you know you can own one of the most desirable cars in the world, for pennies on the dollar? Obviously, if you are looking for a great car in excellent condition, you’ll pay the going rate for that vehicle. However, you can participate in a Mercedes Benz auto auction, and get your favourite Mercedes at an affordable price. You’ll need to do your homework, and talk to someone connected to the auction, to have all the details about the car you choose. You may have to do a bit of upgrade work before taking to the roads, but the money you save could be well worth the effort. Continuing on the subject, we present all you need to know when participating in a Mercedes Benz auto auction. Read on.

Know Your Options

Landing a great deal at a salvage Mercedes Benz sale requires paying close attention to the key factors in the car you want. You can get the basics at the auction websites, which provide remarkably detailed information for each car. For example, you can learn about:

  • Damage Type: There are multiple reasons for insurance companies to place cars on an auction site, including collision damage, burn damage, even “won’t start.” You’ll also see the name of the insurance company or other organization currently holding the title.
  • Title Status: You’ll generally see “salvage title” in this space. This title differs greatly from the normal title you may have for the car you drive now.

It’s important to understand the more general information about buying any used Mercedes Benz. Though you’ll be getting a vehicle make that’s known for quality construction, holding value (slower to depreciate), and comfort, you should have a clear idea about:

  • Who will maintain and service the car?
  • Parts can be more expensive.
  • A Mercedes sold in the U.S. may not get great fuel mileage.

Key Considerations

When you decide to pay your money and take your chances on a used or salvage Mercedes, use a few basic questions to guide you (in addition to the tips already listed). If you’re not going to do the repair/upgrade work on your own, make sure you have a great working relationship with someone who will do the repair and maintenance work. Make absolutely sure this individual or shop is aware of your plans to buy the car, and is agreeable to working with you to achieve your goal of putting the car on the road.

You may also need to do a little research to find out which Mercedes Benz models are the best bet. Talk to a knowledgeable professional about the specific models, and you may also learn that some of the cars from the earlier years tend to have small-but-nagging problems.

Wrap Up

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