Inspection Checklist to Follow when Buying Wrecked Motorcycles for Sale


Salvage motorcycle auctions are gaining popularity among people from all walks of life. Although salvage motorcycle auctions offer a wide number of choices from which you can choose, it is important to inspect a vehicle before you make a finalized decision. If you too are searching for wrecked motorcycles for sale, SalvageBid has got you covered. Continuing the discussion, in this blog, we provide the inspection checklist to follow when buying wrecked motorcycles for sale. Take a look.


When browsing wrecked motorcycles for sale, the first aspect you need to inspect is the frame or chassis. The frame is responsible to hold every element of a motorcycle together, from the handles to the exhaust. It is, therefore, essential to inspect each part thoroughly to make sure you put your money down on a reliable model. The chassis inspection checklist includes:

  • Checking the general condition of the fuel tank
  • Checking the seats for missing trims, tears, or collapsed foam.
  • Inspecting the chrome and paint and check whether it was repaired.
  • Thoroughly inspecting the side covers and fenders for cracks, dents, scratches, and broken side-cover tabs.


Inspecting the general condition of the engine and going through maintenance records is one of of the most important inspection checklist you must perform when browsing a salvage motorcycle auction. The engine inspection checklist includes:

  • Check whether the oil levels are correct and it is relatively clean
  • Check for oil leaks
  • Engine ignition must be easy and the engine should not take time to warm up
  • The engine must not emit black or blue smoke – such a situation indicates extreme engine damage and it is ideal to move on and browse other options


Suspension is another important aspect to inspect when browsing wrecked motorcycles for sale. From optimizing rider comfort to handling the overall balance and stability of a motorcycle, a suspension system is responsible for it all. Having said that, the suspension inspection checklist includes:

  • General condition – inspect for leaks, scratches, and cracks
  • Inspecting the shock absorber thoroughly
  • Check oil viscosity and oil contamination
  • Check for loose or damaged rubber seal rings
  • Damaged brushes


When browsing a salvage motorcycle auction, it is essential to check the condition of tires. Tires enhance both – on-road safety and ride quality – offered by a motorcycle, and therefore, it is important to put your money down on a motorcycle that is equipped with high-quality, least-damaged tires. The tire inspection checklist includes:

  • Measuring the tire tread
  • Checking whether the tire wear is evenly distributed
  • Check the tread pattern
  • Check whether the tires are properly inflated

Looking for a Reputable Salvage Motorcycle Auction?

When browsing wrecked motorcycles for sale, it is important to thoroughly inspect the vehicle before going ahead with any option. In addition to performing the inspections mentioned in this blog, it is also essential to choose a reliable and reputable auto auction website such as SalvageBid. Along with having an extensive range of options available, we also provide all the information you may need to make informed buying decisions. If you have any questions, simply call +1 (360) 347-1300, or fill out our contact form and we will get back with you, shortly.

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