How to Start a Motorcycle Rental Business with Salvagebid


If you’re thinking about starting a vehicle-related business, motorcycle rentals may be a viable option. For example, you can start a Harley-Davidson rental business specifically for bikers who are travelling and value the brand. Or, you can start a motorcycle touring company by offering bikes for rent alongside hotels or guided tours. 

As a trusted IAA broker, Salvagebid offers a huge base of clean and salvage motorcycles available for sale online, from anywhere, anytime. Below we’re giving you some advice on how to buy good salvage motorcycles on Salvagebid and start a motorcycle rental business of your own.

Invest in salvage motorcycles

Salvage vehicles are significantly cheaper than new ones and often already run or need minimal repairs to do so. Also, their low price allows you to purchase a wider variety of motorcycle models diversifying your options and increasing your customer base.

On Salvagebid, you can find popular motorcycle brands like Yamaha, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, Honda, and others. 

Calculate all costs and fees

If you choose to invest in salvage motorcycles to start a business, you need to take into account all the fees associated with your purchase on Salvagebid. The sale price of a motorcycle itself is not the final amount, there are some additional fees you’ll have to pay. 

SalvageBid applies a service fee and a documentation fee. Each auction has its associated fees as well (such as storage fees). Good news though, each vehicle listing has a fee calculator that you can use to calculate the final price for your motorcycles and plan your budget.

Also, take into account the cost of retail space, licensing fees, and any additional equipment such as helmets, riding gear, and other things your clients may need. And don’t forget that some of your salvage motorcycles will need repairs, so you’ll have to spend money on motorcycle parts as well. 

Explore titles and sellers

The price of a salvage motorcycle depends primarily on the vehicle’s condition, ability to run and type of damage. Don’t place a bid right away when you find a good-looking motorcycle for a low price. First, check the title, and if it’s listed as ‘burn’ or ‘flood’, try finding another option. The thing is, heavily burned vehicles can literally split into pieces during transportation, while flooded ones often have significant engine and electrical damage.

You can find more details about loss types in our previous article

Choose a reliable carrier

Shipping purchased motorcycles to your rental office can become a big expense on your way to success. That’s why you should choose a reliable shipping company that’ll take care of your fleet.

Luckily, Salvagebid has a trusted partner that’s experienced in shipping motorcycles and other vehicles worldwide. We recommend contacting and using their online calculator to get a guaranteed shipping quote.

Start your business with Salvagebid

Salvage motorcycles from Salvagebid can save you thousands of dollars that you can invest in other business needs. Excited to try the motorcycle rental business? Join Salvagebid today to find the best salvage vehicle deals and open your motorcycle rental office soon! 

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