Documentation on IAA: What Does It Mean to Have a Salvage Title?


Each stock on IAA has a title certificate. When you search for a vehicle on IAA, you can filter your search by title type. A title certificate is the first document you should pay attention to when searching for a car on IAA, as there are title types that prevent vehicles from being exported out of the US.

The table below identifies the title types that can be exported and those that can’t. 

Clean titleBill of Sale (BOS)
Salvage titleJunk Receipt/Junk Certificate
Rebuildable Salvage CertificateParts Only
Certificate of DestructionNo title Letter
Non-RepairableDismantle or Scrap
Rebuilt title/Restored/ReconstructedScrap Certificate of title
Clear title

Title types that can be exported

Clean titles are issued to vehicles that have no damage or have minor damage that haven’t been deemed a total loss. Vehicles with clean titles aren’t regarded as salvaged. 

Salvage titles are the most common title types you can find on salvage car auctions. A vehicle gets this certificate if it was involved in a collision or sustained damage as a result of flood, hail, theft, and other circumstances. If you want to know how to use vehicle loss type to find the best salvage car deal, read this article.  

Rebuildable Salvage Certificate is similar to the salvage title and means that a vehicle is repairable. It is issued after a vehicle with a Salvage title is purchased from an auction. 

Certificate of Destruction is similar to the previous one but issued when a vehicle has more serious damage.

Non-Repairable title means that a vehicle can’t be repaired with the purpose of registering it in the USA. However, a vehicle with this title type can be a good option for export, as usually it’s sold for a lower price. 

Rebuilt/Restored/Reconstructed titles are issued to salvage cars that were restored and repaired after purchase. We recommend conducting an inspection and a VIN check for such vehicles, as no one can guarantee good quality repairs. If you need bulk access to the DMV vehicle records, trust your business to ClearVIN.

Title types that cannot be exported

Vehicles that have the titles listed below are not recommended for purchase if you intend to export them from the US and use them on the roadways. 

If you see that a vehicle listed as Bill of Sale, that means it has no documents and no title. A Bill of Sale is just a printed sheet of paper that has no legal stamps on it. The only information it contains is the name of an insurance auction, the type of a sold lot, and a buyer. Vehicles noted as No Title Letter have no certificate at all. 

Parts only titles mean that a vehicle can be sold only for parts, while a Junk Certificate means it is non-repairable and is considered junk. 

Dismantle or Scrap title and Scrap Certificate of title both mean that a vehicle can be purchased only with the purpose of dismantling or scrapping. Even dealers can’t buy vehicles with these title types and usually, a buyer has to obtain a special dismantling license to purchase them. 

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