How to Pick Up a Vehicle on Salvagebid


Picking up a vehicle from the auction yard after you won it can be a pretty challenging task. You’ll have to take care of contacting the seller, arranging pickup, and going to the yard.

Salvagebid has developed a simple procedure so that you can get your vehicle as soon as possible. Below, you will find detailed instructions on how to arrange a vehicle pickup and save time. 

Sign the documents

After you’ve won a vehicle through Salvagebid, you need to sign the sales documents and pay the vehicle invoice in full. Do that no later than the end of the next business day following the sale date. All associated charges, such as auction fees and documentation fees, should be paid as well.

The Bill of Sale and other papers can be found in your Salvagebid account and can be signed online.

Wait for a notification

Salvagebid keeps you up to date about your vehicle’s status. After your sales documents are signed and the payment is processed, we’ll send you an email notification confirming that the vehicle is ready for pickup. The email contains detailed pickup instructions and includes information like the physical address of the auction yard, its hours of operation, and your pickup authorization. 

If you don’t want to retrieve the auction yard in person, simply order vehicle shipping right to your door or garage. We recommend trying, a service specializing in shipping vehicles across the US and worldwide. 

Pick up on time

If you don’t want to be charged a late fee, make sure to pick up your vehicle from the auction yard no later than 3 business days after purchase, including the sale date. 

Also, you’ll have to pay a storage fee, usually $40 per day or more, depending on the auction facility. So, don’t be late. 

Order shipping

Though Salvagebid doesn’t offer shipping services, we collaborate with trusted shipping companies able to deliver your vehicles wherever you need. 

We recommend contacting EasyHaul, a shipping company that specializes in domestic and international vehicle shipping. Just use their online shipping calculator for an instant shipping quote and sign up to place a shipping order.

Final words

Now that you’re familiar with the overall process of picking up a vehicle from the auction yard, feel free to join The Bill of Sale and find a salvage vehicle. If you have any questions about how Salvagebid works, just contact our support team:

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