How To Get Insurance For A Salvage Car


The salvage title vehicle market presents many opportunities to save on a range of makes and models that have been declared a total loss. While it is impossible to get insurance coverage for such vehicles in their totaled state, it is achievable once they have been refurbished and tested. When you buy a salvage title car at, you can get as much liability insurance as you want from a number of insurance companies, although getting full coverage may be rather difficult but not impossible. Liability insurance is required before you can drive the car legally, and you may also want to consider collision insurance. This blog goes over how you can get insurance coverage for a salvage car bought at insurance auto auctions. 

First Things First

Before we delve into the discussion around salvage car insurance, it helps to first shed light on the difference between salvage and rebuilt title cars. A car that has experienced damage varying from 60 to 90 percent of its value, depending on the particular state and insurer, is regarded as being a ‘total loss.’ It is then given a salvage certificate which effectively excludes it from registration and use on public roads. This also means you can’t get insurance while the vehicle still bears a salvage title. To get the car roadworthy and registered again, you need to acquire a rebuilt title.

What is a Rebuilt Title?

A Rebuilt Title is given to a salvage title after it has undergone the necessary repairs. The car must be inspected by the DMV and get approval from the inspector before it can be legally driven on public roads. The new title is permanent although the vehicle can never get a clean title even if you rebuild it to perfect working condition. While a lot of insurance companies do not provide coverage for cars with a rebuilt title, there are still many that do. Insurance is legally mandated in most states which is why it helps to do a little research and find insurance companies that are ready to provide coverage for a rebuilt title. Apart from being a legal requirement, it is also a good idea to have liability insurance even in states that don’t require it. Collision insurance will typically pay approximately 80 percent of the car’s assessed value and the premiums are no higher than those of clean title cars. 

Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Search the internet to find car insurance companies that offer liability and collision cover for rebuilt cars. Learn the coverage rules for your state, and go for the best deal.  If you already have coverage for other vehicles, contact your insurer to learn whether or not they provide coverage for rebuilt cars. You need a copy of the car’s title, its VIN, registration, photos, a certified mechanic’s statement, and original repair estimate to get insurance coverage for a rebuilt title car. Always reconsider your options whenever the premiums you are required to pay for insurance coverage dig into the savings you made by buying a salvage car. If you are looking to grab a good deal at insurance auto auctions, your search ends here. Register today and start bidding immediately in our online auto auction. You can also discuss your requirements with our team at +1 (360) 347-1300.

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