How I Restored A Vintage Car (and then made a profit)


Given their one of a kind charm, style and nostalgia, who wouldn’t want to own a suped up vintage car? In the automotive market, vintage cars are always in great demand and that’s why they can be expensive. Our website lists some very affordably priced salvage titled classics. With some restoration, you can turn a salvage car into a customized dream car for a price you can afford.

At SalvageBid, we often get to hear from our valued customers who found the perfect car on our website Here an example from Timothy (Tim), one of our esteemed customers:

“I was looking for a vintage car for a couple of years, but had become tired of the irritating car dealers and price haggling. Without wasting any more time I took to the internet to evaluate the various options online. After browsing through numerous online automobile auction websites, I came across

What impressed me about SalvageBid was the way in which detailed information about each vehicle was displayed. The pictures were clear and the resolution was simply awesome. Also, I was surprised with the number of options available. They had more vehicle types, models and years than any of the dealers I had been working with.

By following simple and uncomplicated steps I was able to get myself registered and bid. Luck favored me and I won.

Next, I had to get the vehicle repaired and customized. To get the job done I contacted my mechanic to make sure the work that would need to be done on the car was affordable, and I could find the parts I needed to restore it to mint condition. We worked together for a couple of months, flushed the parts that could be saved, purchased a couple new parts on the internet, cleaned the upholstery and the car looked as good as new. To get the title removed, I got the vehicle verified (by presenting the related documents) and completed the paperwork formalities.

“I used my salvage classic every day for the next 8 months and loved every single minute of it. However, the next year I was transferred to a city where I would be using public transportation and paying for a garage would be expensive. So, with a heavy heart, I decided to sell my car. I posted a complete profile of my car (including close-ups) on the Internet and the response was overwhelming.

“After days of discussions I zeroed-in on a local couple who was as passionate as me about vintage cars. After finishing the paperwork and taking care of legalities, I handed over the keys to them. I miss my car every day but I’m happy to report that I made a profit off of it and will save this money for another car down the road.

If you or someone you know is on the market for a vintage car, consider buying a salvaged car and restoring it yourself. We have mechanics on staff who can assist you with evaluating the work and costs needed for restoration. Like Timothy, you can have your car at a price you can afford, and can even sell it down the line for a profit.

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