Dodge Charger

Here’s Why You Need To Drive Dodge’s Charger


Dodge is a champion in the segment of trucks, SUVs and crossover. There is one particular muscle car from the house of Dodge that has a class of its own. Heard of Hellcat Charger? Well, if you like muscle cars or straight up powerful cars, in general, and have never taken a Charger out for a spin, you don’t know what you’re missing out. Perhaps, we can convince you to get your hands on one sooner than later. Read on.

1. 707 Horsepower!

Dodge named this 6.2-lt, supercharged engine, 707 HP generating beast ‘Charger’ for a reason. If you like speed and being in an unruly fashion down an empty street, you’re going to love it. If you like to experience what it’s like to drive a powerful muscle car that handles surprisingly well, you are going to love the Charger.

2. Luxury Features

Granted muscle cars from the golden age were not known for their looks and interiors as much as their power and callousness, but when it comes to Charger, it successfully amalgamates luxury with beastliness. Dodge offers eight-way power adjustments to the driver as well as the passenger. It also offers voice text reply to people who connect their phone to Charger’s console, road assistance, 3D graphics and more. The car also has heated seats for chilly winter days.

3. Safety Features

Charger, in particular, stands out from the crowd for its safety features. Standard features include airbags, one touch unlocking for front doors, stability control, regulated brake pressure and traction control. Charge’s solid frame takes care of everything else.

4. Great Interiors

Charger’s interiors promise ‘a side of muscle you’ve never seen before’. Style is not the only thing that’s synonymous with the interiors of this masterpiece, technology is another central element. The customizable driver information digital display is without a doubt the key element of charger’s interiors. Crafty seats, unique design elements and standard comfort features such as cup holders fill up the remaining.

If you love muscle cars, you need to get your hands on a Dodge Charger for its speed, power, finesse, luxury, all of which it offers alongside superior safety features. You could always look for one in an auto auction online for public even if you don’t have $62,000.

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