Ford Edge: The Perfect Crossover SUV


Ford Motor Company’s SUV is a blend of beauty and high technology! When the brand unveiled its 50th Anniversary Ford Mustang edition at the New York Auto Show in 2014, all eyes were on it. For most Ford lovers, it was a moment of pride; especially for those who had been associated with the original edition that was launched in the 1964 New York Auto Show!

Now into its fifth generation, the Mustang has been through numerous transformations, but what remains unchanged is an exceptional design and excellent engine. Vice president of Ford’s auto design department, Moray Callum, stated that the Ford Mustang-2014 edition is a blend of contemporary muscular shape with design elements that make it the quintessential Mustang.

Ford Motor Company has launched some amazing automobiles that have won millions of admirers, year after year. Americans simply love crossover SUVs by the brand. While some love the small Ford Escape, others prefer the 3-row Explorer or Flex that cater to larger families. Ford Edge is right at the midway of the smaller and bigger SUVs.

It is a hit with car users who are in need of more boot space and power than the Escape model, and are looking for a crossover which can seat five people comfortably, and offer ample gear space too.

As a Ford Edge user, I can safely suggest the vehicle as a smart choice for a crossover due to the following reasons:

Perfect-sized crossover- It is just the right combination of utility, driving dynamics and convenience; affordability being another big attraction. Easy controls and smooth driving, along with a high seating position gives one a good view of the road ahead.

Choice of 3 engines- SUV drivers look for style, power, comfort and efficiency in their vehicle. The base model Edge includes a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that delivers 285 hp. Ford Edge Sport comes with a 3.7-liter V-6 that produces 305 hp. However, the fuel-efficient EcoBoost model comes with the best engine. This 4-cylinder engine generates only 240 hp delivering enhanced fuel economy in comparison to other models.

State-of-the-art safety pick- Features such as a rear-view camera, spot monitor system, and the cross-traffic alert system rank the Edge topmost among the SUVs in the rankings of Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Delightful interiors- Black leather upholstery, a panoramic moon roof, a minimalist radio design and climate controls make the high-end Edge a driver’s delight. The spacious leg room and cargo space make it even more comfortable.

For families who love traveling together, this SUV is an ideal choice. If you have been looking for a stylish yet powerful SUV, you should definitely consider buying this one. However, if you think that the price tag is a bit out of your reach, you may want to consider buying a used one. Just like I purchased mine, you can go online and look for a used Ford SUV at an affordable price.

One can also purchase used vehicles through online car auctions. It is a very convenient, hassle-free and fairly economical way to own a vehicle. Search online for used car auctions and enjoy the affordability and convenience as you bid online for your SUV.

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