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If you ask me to define ‘luxury’ in terms of automobiles, I would just say “Mercedes” and that should be enough! The brand name Mercedes is synonymous with luxury. The most renowned German automobile manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz is a multinational division of Daimler AG. The best thing about this line of autos is that it offers a wide variety of vehicles, from cars and buses, to coaches and trucks. It was developed by Karl Benz and Paul Daimler.

Did you know that the combined Daimler-Benz brand that first appeared in 1926 goes back a long way? The Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft’s origin can be traced back to 1901. Karl Benz’s Benz Patent Motorwagen can be traced all of the way back to 1886, and it is widely known as the first automobile.

The name Daimler Benz was heard for the first time in 1926. Its rich history along with German engineering does perfect justice to the slogan “Das Beste oder nichts” which means “The best or nothing” in English. Apart from these facts, let’s explore why Mercedes-Benz stands out from the rest:

Design: The elegant design of a Merc with its top class engineering makes it a masterpiece for car lovers. It is actually creatively inspiring, whether it is the interior, exterior or overall acoustic designing.

Innovation: Innovation is the key to a better future. Mercedes-Benz makes sure that its cars are not only designed for a futuristic styling, but features all the innovations that car enthusiasts seek. All the Merc automobiles are technologically advanced as the luxury car brand is committed to continuous innovation.

Performance: Marvelous engineering and zestful innovation leads to excellent performance of all Mercedes cars. They are designed not only for creating fast or powerful vehicles, but for people who want a vehicle that is a class above the rest.

Safety: If safety and security is one of your major concerns, then Mercedes Benz should be your preferred choice. It is renowned for its excellent safety features.

If you’re planning to buy a luxury car but it is not in your budget, it is best to opt for a salvaged luxury car. Whether it’s a Mercedes Benz or a BMW, you can always buy these fine pieces of engineering at affordable prices. Some online auctions are available which give you the freedom to bid from anywhere, even when you are on a vacation. With a small security deposit, anyone can start bidding and win their favorite vehicles. Register at an online auto auction site for a great experience of owning your salvaged Mercedes Benz, at a real low cost.

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