Classic Mercedes Benz Models


Mercedes Benz has been an ultimate symbol of luxury and a joy to drive for every car lover for decades. It has launched iconic models such as the S-class coupe and the unforgettable 320A. We discuss 5 Mercedes models that people who love to drive have a particular bias towards, as a result of manly curb appeal, impressive features, specifications, and of course, brilliant power!

A 1979 Gelandewagen

If ‘Gelandewagen’ doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you recognize this one by the name of ‘G-wagon’. The first model on the list was originally built for the German Army – what could be more appealing for a collector of unusual vehicles? Branded as a ‘lightweight combat vehicle’, though it never made it into combat, it did touch the hearts of car lovers. The car’s look makes it stand out, but in addition it also boasts of a staggering 536 HP.

1963 600 Pullman

Owned by Hugh Hefner and Jack Nicholson, the Mercedes Benz 600 series was a luxury car for almost two decades. Though it was the definitive luxury sedan there were only ever 3,000 of them were built. Be aware that if you have your heart set on this vehicle, you may have to spend more money than you thought and put your vehicle hunting skills to the test at the same time.

Mercedes Benz CLA Class

If you are still recovering from the shocking scarcity of the Pullman, here’s a Mercedes that’s rather accessible (and affordable). The reason why car lovers often still want it is because it’s a perfect family vehicle with all ofl the style and luxury one expects in a Mercedes. Not to mention it has a 7-speed auto shift manual transmission, ABS and cruise control. Even if the $30,000 price tag seems out of reach, you can easily find this particular model in a Mercedes Benz Auto Auction. As always be aware of the potential repair costs and you’ll be fine.

The W221

Another model you could expect to find in a salvage auction, the Mercedes W221 is in a class of its own. It’s a giant luxury size sedan and with a comfort and style that is losing favor with modern vehicles. Another feature that makes this car stand above the competition is its insanely powerful V12 engine. The car is ideal for people who want a limo that performs like a sports car.

The W114

The reason why car lovers desire this vehicle is because of its historical significance. This was the first car Mercedes put on the market after the World War-I. We all know how Germany’s auto industry was the shining light in a drenched, war-ridden nation back then. What you might not know is that Mercedes lost 85 percent of its facilities during the war, making this particular car one of the few that was produced, by the one day iconic manufacturer.

So there you have it, those were 5 of the most sought after Mercedes models. You may be thinking some of them are more than hard to acquire because of their rarity or hefty price tag but you never know what you may find in a used cars auction or a salvage auction so keep your fingers crossed and mind open.

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