Car Culture : The Complete Lowdown


You could be a lumberjack , going home from a hard day’s work, an outdoorsy person who likes to live on the the go, or a corporate honcho working in the city. Everyone has different needs and expectations from their cars. This post breaks down car owner lifestyles and the cars that are optimal to their needs. If you can’t buy these cars off showrooms, you always have the option of buying them at online salvage car auctions that provide repairable cars for sale.

The Daily Commuter

For a daily commuter, value for money is a big consideration. Fuel efficiency , a smooth transmission, and comfortable interior can also make all the difference. Compact, sub-compact and mid range sedans are the preferred mode of transport for people with these needs. A Honda Fit and Ford Focus are options to consider.

The Long Hauler

People who live on the go often travel large distances. These are people who eat miles for breakfast, and the kind that need towable comfortable cars that have large engines. One of the key factors while buying such cars would be to have a low running cost and high mileage. RVs, SUVs, Van, Mini Trucks etc. are the preferred modes of transport.

The Eco lover

Pollution caused by cars that use non-renewable sources of energy is a major contributor to global warming. People who care about their carbon footprint make an effort to minimize it. Hybrid, electric, and cars that run of other forms of renewable energy are ideal for these people. The Chevrolet Bolt, Honda fit EV, Tesla Roadster are a few examples you can consider.

The Luxury lover

Corporate biggies, businesspeople, and famous movie stars are all about luxury. They enjoy driving around in top class luxury vehicles that epitomize the finer things in life. Cutting edge technology, stunning looks, and beastly engines are some of the few attributes of the luxury cars they want. World class German engineering has been known to bring out gems like BMW and Mercedes Benz that auger perfectly for such high-class motorists.


The car that you buy should be influenced by striking the right balance of elements like budget, purpose, terrain, lifestyle, and utility. High fuel efficiency, high resale value, and low running cost should be kept in mind by those who are looking for value for money. You can find your type of car on the salvage market in the form of repairable cars for sale. Check out available options at Salvagebid today.

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