Comparing Cadillac and Lincoln Car

Cadillac vs Lincoln: Who is Winning the Race?


Cadillac and Lincoln have long struggled back and forth in a tug of war to gain a leg up over one another. Overtime both have outranked the other on a number of occasions. In the more recent times, however, there seems to be a somewhat odd shift in the way the automakers are carrying themselves in the market. While Cadillac has been constantly churning out new models, Lincoln seems to be going at a slower pace. But, does that mean Cadillac has outplayed Lincoln? Not quite so, as to find the answer, we’ll have to dig a little deeper than that. 

What’s in Common?

Both Cadillac and Lincoln achieved great success in the US market up until the 1990’s, after which potential buyers began to gravitate towards German and Japanese luxury brands. If that wasn’t hard enough, Tesla soon entered the auto market and took no time to position itself as the new hallmark of American ingenuity. 

Over the years, both Cadilland and Lincoln have fallen victim to depreciating sales, cost-cutting, and product planning flaws. As a result, failure is no longer an option for either manufacturer, realizing which both  have shed their other luxury brands and have been focusing on just a single luxury marque. 

What does the Future Look Like?

According to reports, during Q1 2001, Cadillac’s sales outshined Lincoln’s by about 12,000 units. Compared to Q1 2020, Cadillac’s sales grew by 22.93 percent with the brand selling 37,277 units. Lincoln car sales on the other hand, took a hit of 0.59 percent as the brand had a lean quarter closing of just 25,410 units. 

While some industry observers believe it to be the result of Cadillac having a larger number of options – coupled with some pretty aggressive marketing, others believe that cars from Cadillac offer superior reliability and value, compared to the ones by its long-time arch rival, which is the reason why it is being preferred by American auto buyers. 

The Bottomline

Though it goes without saying that both Cadillac and Lincoln, just like their parent brands Ford and Chevrolet, have won the hearts of American autobuyers many times; if numbers are anything to go by, it would be safe to say that Cadillac is doing something right that Lincoln is failing to catch up to, which is causing its diminishing sales. Regardless, whether you want to buy a Lincoln or a Cadillac and are looking for a bargain, participate in the online auto auctions held at Salvagebid, a trusted platform to buy salvage cars. If you have any questions, simply call: +1 (360) 347-1300, Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm (PST).

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