Buy a CUV or SUV for Your Family


People prefer to buy sports utility vehicles as they are spacious and deliver a power packed drive. However, the size sometimes plays a spoil sport and driving it every day to work or school may not be a good idea. You might want to consider a compact SUV, which seems to be an interesting development. A CUV or Crossover Utility vehicle is a kind of combination of a SUV and a passenger vehicle. Among the passenger cars, station wagon or hatchback is preferred by car makers to combine with an SUV and build crossover vehicles.

As more people are opting for family cars due to rising fuel prices, the demand for a CUV or SUV doesn’t seem to lower down. Listed below are some reasons that show why you should only look to buy one of these:

More seating and cargo space:

Sports utility vehicles or crossovers are the best family cars as they provide more seating space. These are perfect vacation cars, especially if you have a big family. A hatchback has to make multiple trips to transport a family. A SUV or crossover can make this possible in a single trip. This means saving fuel as well as money and time. The same applies in the case of people travelling with lots of luggage. If your car can accommodate all of these, then why compromise on your travel bags?

Good Mileage: People often have this misconception that SUVs are meant for burning a hole in your pocket as far as mileage is concerned. Those were the old days when technology wasn’t advanced. Nowadays, SUVs are designed to be economical, some even to the extent of 30 miles per gallon.

Safety and Security:  Standard vehicles with all safety features may not be a match for a SUV’s power and comprehensive safety features. The sturdy and hi-tech SUVs are a much better choice if safety and security is your prime concern.

Happy Towing: People tend to tow out of habit. SUVS and Crossovers are the perfect vehicles that can tow probably anything, be it horses, fishing equipment, boats, etc. One just needs to get a towing kit fitted to the car. If your vehicle can tow, there is no need to wait for the trailer.

Excellent Off-road Vehicles: Smooth roads or a bumpy track, SUVs can be driven anywhere. While other cars will simply give up, SUVs are designed with differentials and transmissions for the best off road experience. Protective features such as skid plates, hill controls, make it the perfect off road ride. This vehicle is a good choice in case of floods or crossing shallow water bodies. This vehicle can drive in 24” to 36” of water. SUVs or CUVs are made to survive in floods.

If you’re planning to buy a CUV or SUV, it is a good idea and you should not let biased opinions confuse you. However if you’re short of budget, there’s always a choice of purchasing a used or salvaged car. Salvaged auctions are held online and if you want to buy a Porsche Macan or any other SUV of your choice, you can buy them at a real affordable price. Register at a reputable online auction for owning your dream SUV or Crossover at a real low price.

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