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All You Need to Know Before Buying a Salvage SUV


SUVs or Sport Utility Vehicles are characterized by sporty styling, large wheels, and high ground clearance, but there is much more to them than that. They offer an elevated sitting position to the driver for improved visibility and are also quite spacious, which makes them ideal for transporting bulky items. While you can always count on Salvagebid to offer an extensive selection of repairable wrecked SUVs for sale in online auctions, you should also know the basics before you put your money down. On that note, let’s take a look at some of the notable things you need to know before buying a salvage or wrecked SUV. Read on.

What is an SUV?

SUVs represent a crucial development in the styling and utilization of cars. They deliver solid performance on all types of road conditions. They bring together the best of 4x4s, hatchbacks, and coupes – taking on rough terrain, practicality around town, comfort, and style, among others. The three categories of SUVs are – Compact SUVs, Mid-size SUVs, Large SUVs. Browse through available options in Salvagebid’s insurance auto salvage auctions to choose one that meets your performance, space, and style preferences.

How Does it Differ from a 4×4?

SUVs and Crossovers are typically two-wheel drive with some having the option of AWD (All Wheel Drive.) 4x4s, on the other hand, are designed to thrive in off-road situations although they lack the practicality and efficiency of SUVs. SUVs are multipurpose vehicles that have brought a whole new perspective in terms of the limits of car use. Whether you need a family car, or a ride to outdoor activities such as bike rides, surfing, skiing, or camping, an SUV is ready for the task.

What is a Crossover?

Crossovers entered the market after SUVs and feature an SUV-inspired body shape that is mounted on a car chassis. Apart from the chassis, they also share the engine and transmission configurations with regular cars. The difference is that the chassis of an SUV is specifically designed for that type of vehicle and they may offer a 4×4 option. However, compact SUVs are sometimes referred to as crossover SUVs.

Start Bidding Today

When looking for discounted prices on SUVs, Salvagebid is the place to go. We also offer hybrid and electric SUVs across all the popular makes and models. Register today to start bidding in our salvage automobile auctions. If you have any questions about wrecked SUVs available for sale or would like to discuss your requirements with our experienced and knowledgeable representatives, simply call +1 (360) 347-1300 between 6:00 AM and 3:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time), Monday through Friday, or email at

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