Advantages of Public Auto Auctions Over Used Car Dealerships


Public auto auctions are more convenient than used car dealerships when it is the matter of shopping for used cars. Car shoppers can find pre-owned vehicles in mint condition and at amazing prices at public auctions. No other used car market comes anywhere close to public vehicle auctions. Add to this affordability factor the inventory of vehicles that go under the hammer in a single day, which is mind-bogglingly large. Here’s a look at just how used car buyers can strike gold at live public auto auctions unlike the case of used car dealerships.


This is arguably the biggest perk of buying vehicles from public auto auctions. In fact, price is the top reason why many people still choose to buy vehicles from a live car auction or car auction online. Used car dealerships are nowhere in comparison on this aspect. However, professional auto auction experts recommend prospective bidders to do their homework and preview vehicles on sales in advance. That way, bidders will be able to set a target price based on their budget for participating in such auctions.


Generally, public auto auctions enjoy a far bigger inventory than used car dealerships. So, there’s no question of problem with finding a vehicle or two of one’s choice. The options are almost unlimited since all kinds of vehicles including used public service vehicles, bank-owned vehicles, and turned-in leases find their way to these auctions.

No Coercive Sales Tactics

Most used car dealers are notorious for employing high-pressure sales tactics with customers at auto sales. But people don’t find this sort of pressure from salesman at public auto auctions. Bidders simply bid and buy after they make the highest bid on a vehicle, and there’s actually no need for any sales pitch. The only thing worth remembering here is not to bid on a vehicle more than what you’re willing to.

No Bargaining

This point is closely tied to the preceding one. There’s a lot of price negotiations or haggling going on all the time with used vehicle dealerships. But there’s no such price battle with the sales staff at on-site public auto auctions. The only thing bidders have to do is outbid other auction attendees. That’s all there is to it.

The Verdict

It is clear from the above that public auto auctions are a better option for used car buyers. They just present the right number of vehicles at right prices without the headache of bargaining or unwanted sales tactics. If you are looking to buy salvage vehicles to rebuild or just use them for parts, SalvageBid is the right place to be. We’re an online auto auction marketplace that allows registered members to participate in live online auctions. Browse through our auction vehicle inventory by vehicle type, make, model, or year. Register today to start bidding or call us at +1 360 347 1300.

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