Abolishing 5 Myths about Auto Salvage Auctions


There are several myths and misconceptions surrounding the salvage auto industry, especially online salvage vehicle auctions. These myths often create confusion among potential buyers who are interested in buying cars from traditional and online salvage vehicle auctions. Some of the myths even discourage people from buying cost-effective vehicles. Such misunderstanding also creates an adverse effect on the environment by dissuading the efforts to reduce carbon footprints through recycling of totaled cars and spare parts.

Read on to find the realities about online auto auctions against some myths that are doing rounds in social circles.

Myth 1: Listing of Only “Totaled” Vehicles

The most common myth about online auctions of salvage vehicles is that they only sell irreparable or totaled vehicles.


You may easily find salvage repairable, police impounded or repossessed vehicles on sale at salvage auto auctions. In fact, you can also learn about the history of any vehicle by checking its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), damage type, original value, and other information.

Myth 2: You don’t get a chance to inspect vehicles before bidding

Car enthusiasts often think that online auto auctions don’t allow to check the listed vehicles before an auction.


Any reputed online salvage vehicle auction portal will give you an opportunity to inspect your chosen vehicle personally by visiting the auto yard. Besides, you will also be able to see the vehicle history along with their clear images. A salvage auto auction portal like SalvageBid provides “SalvageBid Inspection Pass” that allows you or your representative to visit the auction location in person and inspect the vehicle of your choice.

Myth 3: Salvage Auto Auctions are Not for Beginners

A majority of the bidders believe that online auto salvage auctions are not for beginners or those who register on an auto auction website for the first time.


A well-known online auto auction company ensures that the auction process is convenient even for the first-time bidders. These websites are user-friendly and simple to navigate. They typically have a section called “support center” on their portals, through which bidders can get answers to most of their questions. Bidders can even contact the customer support and clear all their doubts.

Myth 4: You have access to only Low-End Wrecked Cars

Many people have the notion that they can only find low-end wrecked cars at online salvage vehicle auctions.


Online auto auctions give you access to both popular and high-end vehicles. You can even buy some of the iconic brands such as Audi, BMW, Bentley, and Mercedes-Benz at the fraction of the original price.

Myth 5: You can’t get insurance on salvage vehicles

Another prevalent myth among car buyers is that totaled cars don’t qualify for insurance.This notion about insurance of salvage cars deters car enthusiasts from buying them.


It is not that difficult to find insurance companies that provide insurance coverage to totaled vehicles. Before seeking insurance for your salvage auto, you need to find out answers to the questions such as “What is the damage type of the car?” “Is it a nonrepairable or salvage vehicle,”? “Can you get complete coverage or only liability coverage,”? “What are the laws in your state regarding insurance of totaled vehicles”? There are insurers that specialize in policies for hard-to-insure vehicles. You need to compare different insurance policies related to salvage cars to get adequate coverage for your vehicle.


All in all, online auto salvage auctions are, indeed, a safe bet. Proper research and background check on can help you get rid of all the confusion. Buying a salvage car through an online auto auction may prove to be a great deal for you due to factors such as affordability and convenience. The thrill of live bidding comes along too. To get more information on salvage auto auctions, fill out our contact form and one of representatives will get in touch with you, soon.

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  1. I didn’t realize that the higher end wrecked vehicles were auctioned very often. Also, it’s good to see the auctions becoming more “new buyer friendly”, as I agree that there is a misconception about that.

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